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Contains everything needed to power one of our Mighty Mini (single engined) Planes. This kit completes everything you need to build our single engined Mighty Minis. The only other components you will need to fly is a battery/charger and transmitter/receiver. The included motor and ESC comes pre soldered with 2mm Bullets and Xt-30 Connector. We set out from the beginning to make this great hobby more approachable and these all in one electronics packs are another step in that direction. 

NOTE: Our 12 Amp Esc's now contain Xt-30 connectors!  The industry is moving toward a shift in connectors for a higher safety and satisfaction rating for customers.  We are excited to see this shift impact RC enthusiasts in a positive way! 

Pack Includes:

  • (1) Motor - EMaxx -2205
  • (1) ESC - BL Heli - 12 amp (Xt-30 Connectors)
  • (4) Servos - ES9051 5g Servo
  • (2) Extensions (20cm)
  • (1) Y-Lead (30 cm) 
  • (4) Linkage Stoppers
  • (2) Propellers (6030)
  • (1) 2.5 FT Hex Driver
  • (1) FT Screwdriver
  • (1) Motor Spacer Disc

Reviews (30)

Jackson 25th Jan 2018

Great motor, bad ESC

The motor has crazy power, the servos are very good, and all the other things very handy. Very happy overal except for the ESC. I had everheating issues until I mounted it outside of my arrow, and then when I used it on my mini alpha, I started to have the same issues with it already mounted on the outside. It could be just the Australian summer, but then I would hear more about the problem from other people if that was the case. I let Flite Test know and they have sent me a 20A ESC to solve the problem. Very happy with Flite Test once again. Great product that I would deffinately recommend to anyone.

NASAguy 1st May 2017

Go Speed Go!

This was my first FT purchase for an FT Alpha build. This was also my first venture into electric in 30plus years had a small foam cessna and promptly went back to a gasser Times have now changed. Coming back into RC I scratch built a FT Alpha. I underestimated initially this motors rating. It hauls that plane through the sky so make sure you have a huge area to fly it in or get a smaller motor. It was a beast getting it dialed in properly. I did manage 4 small duration flights in before the ESC crapped out. Smelled the BSOD(blue smoke of death) but never saw it. I connected a battery to it on my work bench after powering up my TX and never heard the bee boo beeps. After systematically testing all my components this thing was dead. I opened up the shrink wrap and noticed one of the motor leads solder point was also connected to two legs of a near by chip. Not sure if that was why it poofed or not. I'm not going to lower the rating for this as the component is so small and does so much. A replacement is inexpensive and Im sure FT is going to replace it for me anyways even though I already ordered a replacement one. They may want to consider an esc 1 step above this one for this motor though as it gets super hot really quick under medium load in my opinion. I'll have to do some benchmark testing when my replacements come. I'd almost rather take the hit in more weight than burn one of these ESCs up every 4 flights or so though.