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Power Pack D (Dragonfly PentaCopter)

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Contains everything needed to power the DragonFly Pentacopter (Power system only. Transmitter, receiver, batteries, charger, flight controller, tail servo sold separately). This set up is designed to be used with a 3s Lipo battery but is also rated to be used with 4s with smaller props equipped. 

We have put together this power pack with all motors that have standard threads (righty tighty, lefty loosey), which is the new STANDARD in the multi rotor industry. We also included lock nuts in which we have personally spec'd out specifically to enhance the multi-rotor durability and overall experience.  These lock nuts allow the bolt to pass through the nylon washer.  This enhances the ability for a tighter grip and allows the motor to spin without fear of having your nut flying off and cause damage to your multirotor.  These Nuts are included along with the stock fasteners.

Note: No power distribution included. If you intend to use this with something other than our Electrohub, you will need a separate power distribution solution. 

Note: Included EMAX ESC's may not work with Pixhawk flight controllers. 

Pack Includes:

  • (5) Motors - Emax 2213-935kv (CW Threaded Shaft)
  • (5) ESCs - BL Heli 20 amp XT-60 
  • (5) M6 Aluminum Lock nuts - (Standard/CW threaded)
  • (5) Propellors - 10x4.5 CW
  • (5) Propellors - 10x4.5 CCW
  • (2) Y-Leads 
  • (1) Battery Lead - XT60
  • (1) FT Allen Driver

Reviews (9)

Ted 1st Mar 2017

PWR Pack for Dragonfly

Received everything in perfect order. Installed all componets as directed, went together with no problems, have not been able to fly because of weather....soon I hope : ] later Ted

18th Jul 2016

Like the 3in1 packaging.

One of the 5 motors wouldn't turn and close inspection revealed a C-clip which should have been on the bottom of the motor stuck to the motor magnet stopping it from turning. Couldn't get the tiny thing back on so sent an email requesting replacement and FT quickly sent out a replacement. Later, I must have screwed up trying to hook up the Naze 32 wiring since because it appears I blew all the BECs on all 5 ESCs but the motors still work with the Vector flight controller but I had to get a standalone 5v BEC which I needed anyway for nav lights. All in all I think it's great that they package the motor, ESC, and props all in one package. It makes things easier. I like the Emax brand and will be buying more of their products.