Power Pack C (Fixed Wing Large) - TWIN ENGINE

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Contains everything needed to power one of our Swappable (twin engined) Planes. This kit completes everything you need to build our twin engined Swappable airplanes. The only other components you will need to fly is a Y-harness to power the motors, a battery/charger and transmitter/reciever. The included motor and ESC comes presoldered with 3.5mm Bullets and XT60 Connector. We set out from the beginning to make this great hobby more approachable and these all in one electronics packs are another step in that direction. 

Pack Includes:

  • (2) Motor - Emaxx GT2215/09
  • (2) ESC - BL Heli 30 amp ESC
  • (6) Servos - 9 Gram Emaxx servo
  • (1) Y-Lead (12")
  • (4) Extensions (12")
  • (6) Linkage Stoppers
  • (4) Propellers - 10x4.7 (2x Clockwise & 2x Counter Clockwise)
  • (1) Allen Wrench (1.5mm)
  • (1) Screwdriver (phillips)
  • (1) FT Lipo Storage Bag 

Reviews (35)

Andrew 5th Mar 2017

It's the best way to know you're covered.

I bought these parts, not fully understanding what would be included. I expected 2 motors, speed controllers, etc. I also got all of the connections that I needed plus 5 servos and a couple of very nice screwdrivers. It's lik having a buddy next you saying, "Here you go! You'all probably need this too!" The parts are of good, solid quality but not super high end. The key word here is: value. It takes the guess work out and replaces it with the good quality parts that you need. In the end, you'll be happy. Isn't that what it's all about?

Mike 24th Feb 2017

Great setup

great quality of parts for a variety of kits



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