Muchmore AG4 Super Solder

Muchmore AG4 Super Solder
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Muchmore AG4 Super Solder is made with 4% silver that reduces resistance and better secures gold or silver battery bars to the terminal.
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Tuesday, Dec 24 2019 (about a year ago)
Muchmore AG4 Super Solder
Very disappointed with this stuff. For the price I was expecting nice easy flowing and SHINY solder joints but this solder is not eutectic. It’s shiny when molten but once it solidifies it turns dull. It seems no better than average quality 60/40. It has a strange odor. It smells like rosin flux but not like typical sweet smelling rosin. It has a chemical smell mixed with rosin. I got this for the high silver content because I build my own tube audio amps but I won’t be using this. There are much better and cheaper silver content solders that flow easily AND stays SHINY.