MSHeli XLPower Protos 380 Electric Helicopter Combo Kit w/Motor, ESC, Servos, & Blades

MSHeli XLPower Protos 380 Electric Helicopter Combo Kit
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The XLPower Protos 380 is an incredibly value oriented 380 sized helicopter that suits a wide variety of flying styles for all pilots. From beginners to expert level pilots, the Protos 380 is a perfect companion helicopter to your fleet if you're looking for something physically small, but with huge thrills that will leave you wanting another flight on this helicopter at the end of the day. 

XLPower Protos 380 Features: 
  • High Quality Bearings 
  • Carbon Fiber Parts are pure 100% Carbon Fiber (No Fillers)
  • Incredible Light Weight Design
  • Durable Plastc Componets
  • Belt Driven System
  • Tail Boom Mounted Servo
  • Combo kit includes Motor, ESC, Servos, and Blades

Main Blade Length: 325-380mm
Tail Blade Length: 68mm
Length: 785mm
Height: 235mm
Width: 110mm
Main Gear: 120T
Tail Gear: 22T
Auto Gear: 94T
Tail Drive Gear Ratio: 4.27
Estimated RTF Weight: 1100g (2lbs 6oz) (Depending on Setup)
Suggested Max Battery Dimensions: 115x40x35mm


  • (1) XLPower Protos 380 Helicopter KIt
  • (3) XLPower DS304HV Digital Servos
  • (1) XLPower RS505HV Digital Tail Servo
  • (1) XLPower 3215 920kV Brushless Motor
  • (1) Hobbywing Platinum V4 60A ESC
  • (1) Set of Rotortech 386mm Main Blades
  • (1) Set of MSH 68mm Tail Blades 

Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 10 2020 (6 months ago)
MSHeli XLPower Protos 380 Electric Helicopter Combo Kit
So......first off The tail has issues, the first problem with the tail is the stock plastic tail blades that come with the kit are so unbalanced they make horrible vibrations so they need to be replaced with a decent set of tail blades. The Second problem with the tail is that the “pins” that ride in the groove of the tail pitch slider are not to the right tolerance out of the box, this will cause the tail to “hunt” no matter your tail gain settings. This makes the model very undesirable to fly because the tail performance is so bad. You need to file or Dremel the “pins” down slightly so they won’t drag as much on the tail pitch slider. Ounce I got past all that, my next issue that took a while to diagnose poor flight performance was the servos. I purchased the kit that comes with the xl servos, esc, blades and motor. The XL servos that come with this kit are absolutely horrible and rob this model of 3D performance. I know the specs on them are good but Trust me they are sub par. Better off buying this kit without theXL power servos and use a good set of micro servo other then the xl power Servo. My next criticism is in regards to frame weakness. If you have a slight mishap with the ground the frames have an extremely weak spot in front by the esc that will crack in a crash super easy and will result in needIng new frames, well I shouldn’t say need because the cracks occur in spot that I guess you could continue to use them but it just bothers me to have cracked frames so I replaced them But all in all it’s def major downer for the frames to be so weak.

This is another example of a model I purchased because I watched the kan and kenny ko flight videos and In those videos the performance was amazing but there is a lot of info that is not made public about this model you need to know in order to make it fly on that level.

Take the knowledge I bestow upon you and make your decision wisely. I’m
Simply sharing my personal experience in the hopes that others can benefit from my months of trail and error to solve all the flight issues with this model. If your one of my many haters then eat sh$& and die! Your just green with envy because you can’t fly and you want to be able to fly 3D so bad. It’s not my fault your too dumb to learn how to fly 3D. I’m actually encouraging you to learn to fly better so you stop running your yap with opinions you have no business having.

Peace out??
Chris O