MSHeli Brain 2 Flybarless System

MSHeli Brain 2 Flybarless System
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The next generation of Brain2 Flybarless systems is here!  Featuring 6 different hardware versions optimized for different applications, and robust enough to work in any setup from 180 to 900mm size models. Additionally Brain2 still utilizes proven flight performance that was on Brain1, including Nitro and Electric Governor, and vast support for various model types. Additionally configurability on Brain2 is identical to Brain1 in that you can use PC Application, iPhone, or Android devices.

Brain2 Features At A Glance:
  • 4x faster CPU with increased memory and flash
  • Logging capability (up to 50hz sampling rate with 10 simultaneous variables)
  • In flight vibration logging
  • In flight event logging
  • New Rescue feature (auto learning/calibration)
  • iPhone, Android, or PC configuration/tuning applications
  • Jeti Transmitter integration (Coming summer 2016)
  • Improved CPU
    4x the performance, 4x storage, hardware acceleration.  Ready for years of feature enhancements.
  • Event Logging
    Brain2 is always recording the major events during your flight.  This lets you go back and review vital information to confirm proper operation or see valuable information to help with troubleshooting



  • Vibration Logging, Analysis, and Playback
    Troubleshooting mechanical problems has never been easier.  Brain2 can play back your entire flight showing you vibrations as the model moves through maneuvers.  This gives you a greater understanding of the health of the model and points you to the motor, head, or tail sections.  Vibration logging can save endless hours of trial and error searching and give you peace of mind that the model is in good health.

  • Logs
    Brain2 takes logging and data collection to a new level of capability.  Record up to 10 parameters for each flight and download them later for review. Brain2 provides access to all the critical data parameters visible to the flybarless unit. Some examples include: Voltage, receiver packets, throttle out, RPM, vibration, TX inputs, aileron/elevator rates, tail rate, pitch and more. This information is incredibly useful for tuning governors on nitro or electric, verifying that your BEC or Rx LiPo is performing how you expect, checking if your radio is working well, seeing the real roll/flip/piro rates, etc. The logging memory capacity is large enough to hold several flights of information so after a flying session, you can always download the logs for viewing later, or for sharing with other users.

  • Rescue
    The Brain2 rescue feature saves the model from any orientation, stabilizing it into a hover and adding pitch to avoid impact with the ground. This is an amazing tool for beginners or those working on new maneuvers where there is a higher risk of loss of orientation and control.

  • Use your phone or tablet to configure and tune
    Ditch your laptop and use the iPhone or Android application to configure your Brain2 flybarless system.  Have instant easy access to the entire system at the field or on the bench to quickly change parameters. MSH Bluetooth module is required for Brain2 systems that do not have integrated Bluetooth.

  • Configuration Wizard
    The Brain2 configuration wizard gets you flying fast with default configurations tuned for each model size.

  • Governor
    Pull every ounce of performance from your model with Brain2's advanced built in governor.  Fine tuned from years of continued development.  Utilize the built in logging to tune the governor even further, even if your ESC or Nitro has no native logging ability.  Brain2 captures the data you need.

  • Flight Counters
    Track the number of flights of the model, but also track the life of individual components, like gears and belts.

  • Advanced Tuning
    Tweak to your hearts content. Brain2 gives you direct access to every tunable parameter in the system. Each parameter includes pop-up instructions to help inform you of how the parameter works.  As your flying advances, now so can your ability to tune to your taste.  Get every ounce of performance from your machines.

Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 13 2019 (about a year ago)
MSHeli Brain 2 Flybarless System
This piece is fantastic. I started with and struggled with a BeastX unit and then got one of the comparison. Easy to update, easy to set up, and easy to tune. Very user friendly interface with many options to choose from. I installed the unit on a TT Raptor e550 with Align servos and HW esc, while the helicopter wasn’t listed the servos and esc were. I also just ordered another one for my T-REX 500x.

I am very new to FBL helicopters and really struggled with everything on the BeastX. Lots of help was needed and thankfully I had some really good help from the online community. Totally not the case here, installed the driver/firmware, updated the unit, programmed without issues and it just works. I’m also still learning with it but love it so far.
Verified Owner
Friday, Dec 11 2020 (6 weeks ago)
MSHeli Brain 2 Flybarless System
Iv used a couple other flight controllers and MHS Brain is by far the best. Set up is easy. You can tune for days. So many options. I only go with Brain 2 now.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 26 2020 (5 months ago)
MSHeli Brain 2 Flybarless System
Unit is well worth the money. They work and have had multiple units. Happy with the performance and easy to set up
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 3 2020 (9 months ago)
MSHeli Brain 2 Flybarless System
I am a fan of MSH ikon and Brain flybarless units. I use them on all my helicopters. Set up is pretty easy, and intuitive. I like that you can have 3 different flight characteristics programmed, there’s rescue, and the governor is awesome! Give these flybarless systems a try. You won’t be disappointed.