Mikado VBar VControl Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor

Mikado VBar VControl Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor
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This is the Mikado VBar Control Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor. This Voltage/Current (U/I) Sensor is a small but powerful sensor element that can be soldered or plugged between the flight pack and the ESC and BEC.


  • Individual precision calibrated
  • Optocoupler
  • Reverse battery protection
  • No influence from motor or current carrying wires

Software Support:

  • Direct displaying from voltage and capacity
  • Max. current and min. voltage storage
  • Logfile data from the flight
  • Battery Logbook with names
  • Adjustable capacity, residual capacity and voltage for each battery
  • Residual capacity is shown as bar in the radio display
  • Overdischarge Warning
  • Warning at use of not fully charged batteries
  • Loud speaker announcement for reducing battery capacity 
Power rating: constant 120A, peak load: 330A
Measuring range current: 0,1A-300A
Measuring range voltage: 5-100 V (2S-16S LiPo)
Resolution: 0.01A / 0.01V
Current consumption: 2.5mA