Mikado VBar VControl Battery ID Sensor System

Mikado VBar VControl Battery ID Sensor System
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This is the Mikado VBar Control Battery ID Sensor System. Take the guess work out of selecting which flight batteries to use. The Battery ID Sensor System automatically creates and stores logbooks in the VBar Control for all flight packs that have been entered, which can then be analyzed on a computer later on. This can help eliminate the risk of deep discharging batteries of different capacities, age, or just by using the wrong battery on accident. 

The system works by placing a sticky-backed battery ID tag on each battery, numbering it, and then logging the battery into the system. Each battery with an ID tag will be identified as unique, and read by the reading which is installed in your model. 


  • Automatic detection of flight pack batteries in a model
  • Battery logbook stored in the radio automatically
  • Simplified battery management

System requirements:

  • VBar Control Radio
  • Control RX-Satellite
  • VBar with Spektrum-Satellite Connectors (Telemetry-Bus)
  • Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor (MIK04890)


  • (1) ID sensor
  • (5) RFID battery ID tags

Note: This system includes five battery ID tags, but a 10 pack is available separately (MIK04907).