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MicroVector Flight Controller + OSD

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Whether you’re into FPV racing, freestyling, or serious camshipping, the MicroVector (µV) integrated Flight Controller and OSD should be perfect for your small FPV mulitrotor or fixed wing model! 


  • Built in OSD with COLOR GRAPHICS and fully customizable screens
  • Programmable video power control: Turn on/off your video camera and/or video transmitter using a radio switch, on arm/disarm, etc.
  • SkyGates Virtual Racing (Experimental Augmented Reality, Optional GPS required)
  • Built in Flight Data Recorder/data logger helps take out the guesswork if something goes wrong


Fully set up and tune your µV three convenient ways:

  • Windows GUI
  • OSD stick menus at the field
  • Optional InfoPanel LCD


  • Fast 32 bit microcontroller
  • DMA enhanced control loop running at up to 8 kHz
  • Advanced PID and filter tuning from either the GUI, or stick menus at the field
  • Oneshot and Multishot ESC Protocols


  • Standard 30.5mm mounting hole centers
  • PWM, SPPM, Spektrum Satellite and S-BUS Receivers supported, with 4 types of RSSI
  • BLHeli ESC configuration via the µV USB port
  • Compatible with most PDBs, including those with built in current sensors (or use our PSU)
  • Multirotor airframes: Racing Quadcopter, Standard Quadcopter, Tricopter, Y6, Hexacopter
  • Fixed wing airframes: Traditional, Elevon, V-tail


  • µV with plastic case (4 screws)
  • Set of 5 rugged "pigtail" cables for precise installation

MicroVector (uV) easy on-screen setup on a racing quad


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