Lynx Heli Fireball/Mini Comet Tail Blade Grip (Black)

Lynx Heli Fireball/Mini Comet Tail Blade Grip (Black)
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Lynx Heli Aluminum Tail Blade Grips for the SAB Fireball and Mini Comet helicopters are an excellent upgrade for pilots looking for incredibly low weight upgrade parts, and crash durability. Hours of testing and design went into the product to ensure that it was simply not an aluminum duplicate of the original plastic grip. Design features include special sizing that reduces servo load during flight which improves tail response and reduces over all vibrations. 

High quality Japanese bearings are included to ensure longevity and provide silky smooth performance. Lightweight tail blade spacers are included to ensure that every gram of weight was shed, and it was determined that plastic spacers were the best choice over slight more aluminum material. To simply put, this is the ultimate tail blade grip design for the Fireball and Mini Comet. 


  • Direct replacement for Fireball and Mini Comet helicopters
  • Improved tail response
  • Less vibrations
  • Stainless Steel Linkage Balls
  • Lowest weight design 
  • (2) Aluminum Blade Grips
  • (2) Thrust Bearings
  • (2) Thrust Bearing Spacers
  • (4) Radial Bearings
  • (2) Stainless Steel Linkage Balls
  • (4) Plastic Tail Blade Spacers