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Inductrix™ RTF with SAFE® Technology

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The Blade® Inductrix™ ultra micro drone has the modern appeal of a jet with EDF power that makes far less noise while innovative SAFE® technology with self-leveling makes staying in control easy, even if it’s your first flight.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, fully assembled quadcopter
  • SAFE® technology makes drone flying easy
  • Quiet EDF power system
  • Durable rotor housings prevent damage
  • Brilliant LED orientation lights
  • Includes both red and blue bodies
  • 150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po flight battery
  • USB Li-Po charger
  • 6–8 minute flying time
  • Blade® MLP transmitter with genuine Spektrum DSMX® 2.4GHz technology (included)

Needed To Complete

  • Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box.


A Fantastic Little Drone

The time has come for Electric Ducted Fans (EDF) to replace the old propeller thrust systems. By design, the cylindrical rotor housings add significant durability and produce less noise when carefully tuned. The Blade® Inductrix ultra micro drone is part jet and part quadcopter, with the kind of innovative flight technology that gives a machine you can fly just about anywhere, the performance edge that makes your flight experience more fun.

The Blade® Inductrix drone is an ultra micro machine that can be flown just about anywhere. Four specially tuned EDF rotor systems give this modern quad the appeal of a jet. As a result, performance feels incredibly smooth with far less noise than a conventional propeller rotor system. Durable rotor housings inherently prevent damage whether it’s bumped into walls or falls into the grass. Brilliant LED orientation lights and a sleek body design help keep you going in the right direction. Innovative SAFE® technology with self-leveling makes staying in control easy, even if it’s your first flight.

SAFE® Technology

With the Blade® Inductrix quadcopter, anyone can fly with little effort. Exclusive Horizon Hobby SAFE® technology combines small pitch and roll angle limits with electronic self-leveling to help you stay in control and have more fun.

Quiet Ducted Fans

Four carefully-tuned electric ducted fans give the Inductrix drone smooth performance that produces far less noise compared to normal quads that use propellers for thrust. The stealthy result is a machine that’s less intimidating with the appeal of a jet aircraft.


Each cylindrical rotor housing that ducts air through the high-speed rotors provides an inherently durable structure. You can bump the Inductrix drone into practically anything with little risk.


Brilliant LED lights are located to provide instant orientation reference. The clear rotor housings keep your view unobstructed and add an unmistakable glow to the airframe.

Li-Po flight battery

The E-flite® 150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po flight battery, included, can provide up to 5-minutes of flight and can be conveniently recharged with the included USB charger.

Spektrum Technology

With a single Spektrum DSM2®/DSMX® aircraft transmitter, you hold the key to a fleet of Bind-N-Fly® aircraft that includes everything from tiny Blade® helicopters and quadcopters to giant-scale E-flite® airplanes.

  • Fully assembled Blade® Inductrix drone
  • Blade® MLP transmitter with genuine DSMX® 2.4GHz technology
  • E-flite® 150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po battery
  • 4 × AA transmitter batteries
  • USB 1S Li-Po charger

Reviews (5)

Don Gannon 15th Dec 2017

Great Little Machine!

I have been a heli snob for many years. After watching Josh and Josh on Flite Test, I broke down and got the Tiny Trainer set. That got me hooked on fixed wing, and all the stunting that the fully configured TT can do. Ailerons on a fixed wing are a blast! After getting out of my comfort zone on fixed wing, I took a look at quads. Not wanting to spend a lot of money, I bought the Inductrix when it went on sale. What a blast. This tiny platform outperforms most of the indoor helis I fly. The SAFE technology made it a breeze to learn the basic controls. The transmitter that comes with the RTF version is nice and easy, a good intro to the hobby. I bound it to my Graupner radio, no problem. The dual rates work good on both the included transmitter and the higher tech ones. Highly recommend this as THE intro to quadcopters.

Tom Talley 20th Feb 2017

Short lived joy

Good store experience. Great secure ties with no cost Amazon back up. I like that. Got the two Inductrex "Blades" after seeing them on FliteTest Vlog. Unpacked, read the directions, loaded batteries in controllers (got two of them so I could fly with grandson), then loaded battery into inductrex. Quickly placed it on flat surface, it bound to the controller no problem, it flashed a couple of times then when solid color showing that it had calibrated... We flew mine for 3 batteries worth. At first couldn't keep it between the floor and the ceiling...(auto stab was a god send...calibrating the stick bias was no problem...just take off a little bit, and land quickly, if it headed off in some direction, press the button on the controller in the other direction a couple of times ... after some of that we got it to rise nearly straight up. ) Started working on altitude control...(Just like you recommended on your video...hover, out/back/side/side, walk the dog/ figure 8 then go for it)...well went through 6 batteries on my quad and was getting pretty good at altitude control (if you keep your left thumb moving all the time to compensate for altitude, it doesn't try to follow the right thumb for direction control as much...that helps keep the quad stable). After a few flites, started to try to land on chair and stuff...bad idea...should have stuck to the plan...had a few crashes, but only one or two serious ones where I lost altitude control and rather than trying to save it, I dumped the power and it came down pretty hard. When i recovered the quad, i noticed that it didn't want to go up, but just scoot across the floor...also noticed that when I held the quad down on the table and ran the motors, one of the props didn't start until lots of throttle was added...and when you pulled off all the throttle, it stopped spinning first. (I found a video on how to change the motor on the quad on the internet ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE-vDLLrCj4 ) ... pulled the motor out, pulled the prop off and cleaned the lint that had built up around the motor shaft...didn't help...so ordered some replacement motors... Borrowed my Grandson't inductrex, and it failed the same way after about 6 batteries. I had lots more experience by then and the crashes were not that bad...so, I'm suspecting that there is something about early lifetime failure rates on those motors that it coming into play. The new motors are on the way... Dissajppointed...