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Inductrix FPV (RTF)

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The new Inductrix FPV provides the freedom of flight in a fully ready-to-fly package as well as an FPV Ready Bind-n-Fly version. No soldering or 3D printing required! Enjoy a world you never knew existed when you are in the pilot's seat of the Inductrix FPV!

The Inductrix® FPV from Blade® builds on the wildly popular platform and transforms it into an incredible FPV machine right out of the box. With its integrated 25mW video transmitter, FPV camera, high performance motors and large 200mAh battery, the Inductrix FPV is capable of flying in the smallest of places with ease. Enjoy the view as SAFE® technology makes flying simple and while the ducted propeller design allows you to bounce of walls and objects without crashing! Not only does the Inductrix FPV come out of the box with everything installed on the aircraft itself you get a 4.3" FPV monitor (RTF only) that completes the entire FPV experience! If you are looking for that immersive goggle experience, the headset adaptor (SPMVM430HA) can be purchased separately too!


Approximate Flight Time:3-4 min
Canopy/Body Material:Plastic
Completion Level:Ready-to-Fly
Flying Weight:24g
Main Blade Material:Plastic
Main Frame Material:Plastic
Main Rotor Head Type:Multi-Rotor


Reviews (3)

Jonathan 30th Mar 2017

Awesome fun in a tiny package!

Received it fast, so shipping is great. The setup was fast. Couldn't wait to try it out so within the first 15 minutes of receiving the Box I had everything out and a battery in testing it. Super FUN! Especially flying it at church during praise team practice!

Richard Burnett 25th Feb 2017


This is by far the best first fpv drone, or just first drone for someone to own, you can bounce it off walls all day long, and if you do break part of the frame in a hard crash, replacement are super easy to find all over the internet for like 5 bucks, you can even go crazy with this and upgrade it like nuts with new more powerful motors. Super easy to do, no soldering required. Upgrade the frame, customize the camera canopy, the sky is the limit. The indoor sport of tiny whoop racing is becoming more and more popular everywhere. I went to a little cider brewery / pub with in a few weeks of owning this for a race, was super fun meet some really friendly people that I wouldn't have meet other wise. Well in summary would highly recommend to anyone from beginner and up, get yourself one pimp it out and ill hopefully see you at Flitefest west for a race.