ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz SpiroNET Antenna Set RHCP (SMA Connector)

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  • Unique design, not seen before in the FPV world. Far from the run of the mill 'basement production' seen to date.
  • Precision manufactured with very tight tolerances and 100% tested on a professional antenna tester (Rhode & Schwartz) to ensure maximum range and performance.
  • Antenna uses a high quality semi-rigid cable, that can be bent to any angle and maintain its shape in any orientation.
  • SMA Connection





Reviews (2)

Bennett Graff 3rd Jul 2016


Wasn't great but better than my old antenna

Russell 20th Jun 2016

Great antenna!

So obviously you can't beat the immersion rc antenna's when it comes to price but be sure you pay attention to which sma connector you need! I am currently using the popular (and much cheaper) ts832 receiver which has a male connector. Thus I really needed the gray head antenna's and not the black.