Hobbywing XRotor 2306 Race Pro FPV Drone Racing Motor (2700Kv)

Hobbywing XRotor 2306 Race Pro FPV Drone Racing Motor (2700Kv)
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Hobbywing XRotor 2306 Race Pro Motors was specifically designed to suit the needs of both FPV Racing & Freestyle pilots. Featuring quick acceleration, rapid response, high efficiency, and low cogging torque all allow the motor to run smooth as silk. 

An improved prop base design increases the friction between the prop base and the motor front endbellt to prevent the prop from slipping from a strong impact. Additionally, the front endbell & shaft have been improved to guarantee the enhanced radial & axial strength, increasing reliability & service life!

All these new design concepts and features are an incredible benefit, but lastly, the big question. Weight? Coming in at 27.5g (without wires), Hobbywing made sure to pack as much as possible into a motor that weighs as little as possible. 

Top Quality Components 
  • High quality 7075 aluminum, and high-precision CNC Machining technology produce an improved strength and axial concentricity.
  • The hollow Titanium-alloy shaft reduces the shafts overall weight by 50% compared to standard motor shaft designs.
  • The EZO bearings are high-quality Japanese bearings are the best available, providing longer life, lower noise, and improved overall tolerances.
  • Ultra thin (0.1mm) Silicon steel laminations are used to manufacture the stators. This high-quality material improves overall efficiency.
  • Using the strongest, and most heat resistant NbFeB magnets ensure maximum torque under load, and excellent consistency across the motors operating ranges.
Kv: 2700Kv 
LiPo Cells: 4S 
No Load Current: 1.36A 
Motor Resistance: 37.38mΩ 
Max Continuous Current/Power: 40.73A/651W (4S) 
Stator Diameter/Thickness: 23mm/6mm 
Slot/Pole Count: 12S/14P 
Motor/Shaft Diameter: 27.7mm/5mm 
Motor Length: 17.3mm/30.7mm (without shaft/with shaft) 
Weight: 27.5g