Graupner MZ-12 and GR-18 combo (Transmitter/receiver/flight controller)

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Deck out your transmitter! With every transmitter purchase you receive a FT lanyard and 5-pack sticker pack.

Please note that the GR-18 receiver/ flight controller combo is only compatible with Graupner transmitters. This Product comes with both the MZ-12 Transmitter and the GR-18 Receiver/Flight Controller. 

GR-18 Receiver Overview 

Engineered with an integrated flight controller for multicopters, flybarless helicopters and 3 axis stabilization gyro for airplanes the GR-18 is the most advanced 2.4 GHz receiver ever made by Graupner. 

Setting up a multicopter, airplane or helicopter is easy and instantly done over-the-air on any Graupner HoTT transmitter. No computers, programming boxes or complex wiring are needed to set up your model on the workbench or at the field. 

Need to make a change or adjustment? Just land and use your radio to make the changes on the spot! Build inside the GR-18 are a range of telemetry sensors to assist you during flight. Whether you need to know your altitude, battery voltage or signal strength the GR-18 will monitor any user desired parameter and notify you in real-time about any condition that requires pilot attention.

Key Features 
  • The use of up to 75 channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference.
  • Two LEDs signal operating status. 

  • The optimized size and weight for the best flight condition 
  • The further increased range and excellent receiver input sensitivity by 2 diversity antennas
  • Servo connections in the front panel.
  • Programmable failsafe function in a receiver 
  • SUMO, SUMD Signal output for the convenient use of gyro and control board

 Receiver Functions

  • Exponential/Servo test functions on 2, 3, 4 channel
  • PERIOD (10ms, 20ms selectable)/Fail safe 
  • Available to check receiver data 

  • 5 program mixing types/Tail type 
  • Channel reverse/Sub-trim, Servo limit 
  • 5 channel out types (ONCE, SAME, SUMO, SUMI, SUMD HD)

MZ-12 6-Channel Transmitter Overview
  This is Graupner mz-12 HoTT 2.4GHz 6 CH transmitter. It is Graupner’s unique telemetry technology in  2.4GHz
  signal protocol that supports bi-directional data transmission and gives user real-time information. 
  The use of up to 75 frequency hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external
  interference thanks to optimized frequency hopping broad channel  sequence. Through the telemetry function, 
  you may check receiver's consumption voltage, temperature and also program the telemetry function. By using
  optional sensor, brushless control + T ESC or HoTT sensor module, you may get the real-time data such as RPM,
  voltage, current, temperature, and warning. Graupner mz-12 combines an easy-to-use design with the
  incredible control of Graupner/SJ HoTT technology that is an ideal choice for anyone who needs high quality 
  6 channel radio. 

Key Features

  • HoTT (HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION) bi-directional 2.4GHz technology
  • The use of up to 75 frequency hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to
    external interference

  • Integrated telemetry display with 128x64 LCD
  • Smart voice announcement system (earphone and buzzer) for warnings and alarms at real time
  • Real-time telemetry analysis for Optional Brushless Control telemetry ESC such as RPM, voltage,
    consumption current, temperature, warning.

  • SUMD, SUMO Functions ensures the convenient use of the peripherals by gyro and control board
  • Selectable 10ms or 20ms of the signal repetition time for analogue and digital servo
  • Advanced HoTT wired/wireless trainer system
  • High-precision quad ball bearing gimbals(total 8 ea) lead the smooth and comfortable stick feeling
  • Graupner Firmware update through GR STUDIO PC Software
  • Supporting additional 2 digital channels when using Graupner/SJ 8CH receiver
Programming options 
  • 20 Model memories

  • 2 functions
  • 2 Model types(Helicopter, Airplane)
Helicopter Function
  • function x 1

  • 6 swash plate types (1 Servo, 2 Servo 180, 3 Servo 120, 3 Servo 140, 3 Servo(Elevator), 4 Servo 90)
  • Pitch Curves (5-point)
  • Heli mix function (Pitch-thro, Pitch-rudd, Rudd-thro, Aile-thro, Elev-thro, Gyro, Swash limit, Govenor,
    Govenor rate)
  • Swash mix function
  • Program mixing x 5
Airplane, Glider Function
  • function x 2

  • trim function x 3
  • 4 wing types
  • 4 tail types
  • Wing MIX function (diff aile, aile>>rudd, elev>>flap, flap>>elev, elev>>aile, flap>>aile)
  • Programming mixing x 5
  mz-12 transmitter

  GR-18 receiver
  Alkaline 4 cell
  Battery holder
Graupner HoTT Features
  • Simple, extremely fast binding

  • Range test and warning function
  • Low-voltage warning
  • Extremely broad receiver operating voltage range from 3.6V to 8.4V (functional to 2.5V)
  • Fast response time if 10ms is set in PERIODD since four transmitter channels are received at once
  • Failsafe, free channel allocation (channel mapping): mixer functions and all servo settings can be  programmed
    simply on transmitter LCD by using telemetry function

  • Binding of any number of receivers for channel expansion (max. of 32 channels)
  • SUMD, SUMO functions ensure the convenient use of peripherals through gyro and control board
  • Maximum immunity to interference through optimized frequency hopping and broad channel spread
  • Intelligent data transmission with correction simultaneously
  • Extremely fast rebinding, even at max. distance
  • Telemetry analysis in real time
  • Over 200 systems can be used simultaneously
  • Future-proof through update capability via USB interface
  • Graupner Firmware update through GR STUDIO PC Software 


Reviews (7)

22nd Jan 2017

As advertised

Nice Radio sent promptly,packaged well. In the process of installing in versacopter. So far support has been lacking, have tried to contact several times with one note saying they would be back with me shortly, still waiting almost three weeks now.would like to purchase more products to turn versacopter into an fpv machine. I will wait till I can get some support to make sure I have guidance to purchase the parts that I need to fit my needs. Terry Antioch Tn.

TechGeezer 1st Sep 2016

MZ-12, GR-18 First thoughts

I purchased the Graupner MZ-12, GR-18 Combo as my first entry into the RC hobby. I did some online research of various comparable brands, but settled on the Graupner based on the price, reviews, and the fact it came as a combo T/R package. Assumed I could use the GR-18 as the receiver for my Tiny Trainer build. Build quality is good, gymbals, switches, buttons all have a solid feel. The MZ-12 manual is pretty comprehensive, but takes some time to read and absorb all the options. Some YouTube videos were easier to follow. The GR-18 initially sounded like a good deal, but when I connected to my servo's, only channel 1 Throttle seemed to work, nothing from Rudder, Elevator, etc. At first I thought it might be defective, but after doing some reading, it seems this model (S1019) only supports multi-rotor, no option for fixed wing operation. Wish that had been more clear in the description. Fortunately I purchased a GR-12L receiver separately and it works fine. Some Youtube video was a big help setting up the servos, D/R Expo, sub-trim etc. The maiden flight test went about as well as expected for a first time out. Only flew out to a range of about 500-600 ft, but the radio connection seemed rock solid. Battery life on the transmitter seemed a little short using the standard AA cells, I substituted Energizer Ultimate Lithium for longer life. Separately, I purchased the Graupner Smart-Box to monitor the receiver telemetry and GPS date from a separate module. The manual for the Smart-Box was 2010 version, almost worthless to understand how to get everything up and running. Contacted Graupner for an updated manual, but the response said no updates were available. However online I found a 2012 version twas a bit more helpful. I'm still trying to get it all sorted out, but for the most part its working. GraupnerUSA website is a bit weak for finding updated manuals. Otherwise a solid system, I'd buy it again and will consider it seriously when I eventually upgrade to a more advanced system.