Graupner GR-18 - 9 Channel (Receiver/Flight Controller)

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Please note that the GR-18 receiver/ flight controller combo is only compatible with Graupner transmitters. 



Engineered with an integrated flight controller for multicopters, flybarless helicopters and 3 axis stabilization gyro for airplanes the GR-18 is the most advanced 2.4 GHz receiver ever made by Graupner. 

Setting up a multicopter, airplane or helicopter is easy and instantly done over-the-air on any Graupner HoTT transmitter. No computers, programming boxes or complex wiring are needed to set up your model on the workbench or at the field. 

Need to make a change or adjustment? Just land and use your radio to make the changes on the spot! Build inside the GR-18 are a range of telemetry sensors to assist you during flight. Whether you need to know your altitude, battery voltage or signal strength the GR-18 will monitor any user desired parameter and notify you in real-time about any condition that requires pilot attention.

Key Features 
  • The use of up to 75 channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference.
  • Two LEDs signal operating status. 

  • The optimized size and weight for the best flight condition 
  • The further increased range and excellent receiver input sensitivity by 2 diversity antennas
  • Servo connections in the front panel.
  • Programmable failsafe function in a receiver

  • SUMO, SUMD Signal output for the convenient use of gyro and control board

Receiver Functions
  • Exponential/Servo test functions on 2, 3, 4 channel
  • PERIOD (10ms, 20ms selectable)/Fail safe

  • Available to check receiver data

  • 5 program mixing types/Tail type

  • Channel reverse/Sub-trim, Servo limit

  • 5 channel out types (ONCE, SAME, SUMO, SUMI, SUMD HD)

  GR-24L Receiver



Reviews (3)

Cory 29th May 2016

Great range, control, and customization

Light weight, great range I have flown probably over two miles away no problem. The delay is very low, I haven't noticed any control problems. Make sure you program a safety if you do lose connection though.

Allan Andison 28th Mar 2016

Graupner GR-18, 9 Channel Receiver/Flight Controller

Bought this RX as a separate item from the MZ-12 TX. They were bundled with the RX pre-configured for the Versacopter but I missed the boat - the combo bundle was (permanently?) out of stock. This meant I had to configure and calibrate from scratch. I thought I was screwed but it was worth a try. Ultimately, my Versacopter build worked out extremely well and the GR-18 MZ-12 items were icing on the cake! Great build video from Josh (as usual) with a complete walkthru of the calibration. Would have been useless without FliteTest behind it. The GR-18 is an outstanding concept - receiver and flight controller in one - crazy smart idea and very well executed. German company, German language barrier for me since most YouTube videos were in German - thank goodness for the FT video. This is the first and only quad I have built (6 in two years with this hobby) that I built, calibrated in tested without a hitch. Absolutely true. Not completely without testing moments (binding was a little iffy as some menus on the MZ-12 did not appear without rebooting the TX) but truly a great build and fly experience for me. Truly awesome product - should be the future of quad development IMHO. Extremely well supported by Flite Test. Highly recommended. Thanks FT!