Graupner GR-12L - 6 Channel 2.4GHz Receiver


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  Graupner "GR-12L", 6 Channel 2.4GHz HoTT Receiver is designed with Graupner's unique telemetry technology
  that support Bi-directional data transmission gives user the real-time information. The use of up to 75 channels
  ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference. By using receiver’s telemetry
  function, telemetry data such as input and output signal strength, receiver temperature, voltage is sent to
  Graupner transmitter so that it ensures excellent response time. Featuring a versatile one-chip integrated RF
  chip and MCU chip, GR-12L receiver is lightweight and affordable. The optimized size of 36x21x10mm and the
  high quality components make it ideal for the small model. 

Key Features 
  • The use of up to 75 channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference
  • The optimized size and weight
  • Servo connections in the front panel.
  • SUMD Signal output supports the convenient use of gyro and control board

Receiver Features 
  • PERIOD (10ms, 20ms selectable)
  • Available to check the receiver data
  • 5 program mixing/SUMD Signal output

  GR-12L Receiver



Reviews (4)

18th Jul 2016

Great Receiver

Small, but fills the needs for any build. Has the distance needed for flights, and fills all the requirements needed for three and four channel planes. I will buy more as needed for future builds. Best buy yet love this receiver. Thanks Flight Test.

Ray 6th Jun 2016

Cheap but worth every penny

I have been using the Graupner 16L with the two antenna leads but in a crash at least one of the leads always breaks off. Going smaller with a single antenna is the way to go with the mini's like the arrow and the versa wing. Easy bond with the transmitter and with only the three leads throttle left right elevon it is more than enough for this receiver and because of the smaller size fits easily into any close quarters. I think I like the 12 better then the 16L especially for the minis. Now when I move up to the more difficult planes i.e. the Corsair and the P51 with more control surfaces I know the 16L will be the way to go.