(Graupner) Alpha 250Q Race Copter FPV (ARF)

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A new generation of race copters has arrived! The Graupner Alpha 250Q has been designed ready to fly right out of the box! No complex setup or building required. Just charge your batteries and the Alpha 250Q is ready for some wild racing!


The Alpha 250Q is build around a strong 3mm lightweight carbon competition frame, making it extremely durable during all flight phases. Parts are easily replaced as needed, requiring only basic tools. To assist with orientation during flight, a set of high intensity LED lights are mounted fore and aft. The Alpha 250Q is supplied with Graupner high efficiency C-Props which have been designed from the ground up to deliver better performance, less noise and longer flight times.




• Expertly built no assembly needed
• Integrated triple mode receiver and flight controller
• Selectable flight modes (beginner to expert)
• Receiver with out-of-the-box built in telemetry (altitude, voltage, RF signal strength, Rx temperature)
• Live voice telemetry announcements of flight data (requires Graupner HoTT voice radio)
• Warning voice notifications of battery level, radio range and assigned maximum altitude
• Over the air access for copter setup with any Graupner HoTT radio (6ch and up)
• No computer or setup boxes needed to configure or operate

• High resolution FPV camera with 0, 15, 25 degree tilt option

• FPV 5.8GHz 15mW Transmitter

• Powerful, lightning fast response Graupner Ultra 2300Kv motors
• Graupner high performance copter C-Props
• High frequency switching Graupner performance ESC’s
• Strong 3mm carbon motor frames and 2mm carbon chassis 
• Heavy duty aluminum carrying case for radio, copter and equipment transport
• Carbon vibration free camera mount
• High intensity LED light system
• External JST power bus for FPV equipment


Alpha 250Q Race Copter ARF

FPV camera and 5.8 GHz transmitter

Extra set of C-Props
English manual


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