Getting Started with FPV

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At Flite Test we strive to make the hobby easy for anyone wanting to join.  Whether it be fixed wing or drones.  With our "Get Started with FPV" kit we hope that anyone wanting to fly FPV can find it a complete all in one solution to make the learning curve as little as possible.

The Vortex 150 is a great starter on 3s but if you put 4s on it then it turns into a little rocket that will surprise even the most veteran of FPV pilots.  And to help you get acquainted with your new hobby we are including Liftoff FPV Simulator for FREE!  We are also including a Flite Test Backpack to help you carry all of your new toys to whatever field you choose to practice in.

We hope your transition into FPV is an easy one.  Check out our setup videos for the Vortex 150 and our how to fly a multirotor series.  These should help you with your learning curve.




1x Flite Test Edition Vortex 150

1x Flite Test Marvel Vision II Goggles

1x DX6e 6-Channel DSMX Transmitter

1x DSMX Quad Race Serial Receiver with Diversity

1x Hyperion G5 50c 2s 1300mah Battery (For use with the goggles)

1x Hyperion G7 70c 3s 900mah Battery for use with the Vortex 150

1x License for Liftoff

1x B3 Compact Lipo Charger

1x Flite Test Backpack


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