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FT VersaCopter V2 Delrin Kit (Delrin Only)

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This new Delrin is SPECIFIC to the new Upgraded FT VersaCopter V2 Kit!!  

This Kit includes

1x Long Delrin upgrade kit

1x Backside Delrin Antenna/battery Lead holder


NOTE: This does not include any of the aluminum or zip ties


Reviews (4)

Erik 14th Feb 2017

Neccesary Evil

Like the title says this is a necessary evil for the versacopter. What that means is I wish there was something else we could use. Or just a thicker piece. These tend to break pretty easily in a crash. At least they are cheap.

Parker Russell 22nd Nov 2016

Durabillty, where?

This is awesome to have for the versacopter but there are issues with durability. I suppose if a crash is going to break something you want to tell it what to break, rather than letting it decide for it'self. If I had a 3D printer I would consider getting the side pieces that other have designed. This kit does look good for the quad. (it would be good to have some color choices). I llike the kit but the delrin isn't the greatest.