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FT VersaCopter -V2- Aluminum Motor Mounts

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This is an aluminum upgraded replacement kit that will replace most of the G10 or delrin parts of the first generation VersaCopters.  This new feature allows for a lot of customization to your newly upgraded FT versaCopter!  Now, choose your colors, go crazy and make it your own!  


  • 2x Motor Mounts 
  • 4x 22mm Screws
  • 1x M2.5 Shirt Arm Hex Key

Reviews (4)

VapingMonky 5th Nov 2016

Only get two sets for 10

It doesn't say anywhere how many miles you get I was under the assumption for 10 whole dollars you would get all four but you only get two sets not to sound too grouchy but I didn't get any extra screws either just enough for what I got which was kind of a disappointment thank God my local hardware store carries the same as screwed as far as the versacopter V2 it's an OK quad definitely not good for beginners as motor mounts tends to break stripping the motors threads that hold it to the booms and I'm crashing on grass when this happens they should definitely send see the mountains with 4 holes for the motor and then the two that prays to the bone as with only two screws holding the motor on leaves a lot of room for error and expensive fixes also you should include how many of each item you get in the details as it's not listed shipping was good though and I learned a lot from flight tests and totally support them but I'll be going elsewhere for a stronger frame as this one is just too costly for learning acrobatic flight and basic handling and maneuvering by the way sorry if there's a whole bunch of typos I voice texted this whole review on my phone hope I helped anybody out there that needs to know

Sean 9th Jul 2016

Great workmanship

I really like the colors, they're great!