FT VersaCopter 280- V2 -Quad Kit

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V2 Quad Color Schemes
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This quad is built for a 6" prop Set up!

When adding the E-pack(Best) option, this comes with the 2000KV motors.

The FT VersaCopter V2 is HERE!! It is all now at your fingertips!  With an array of vibrant colors you can now put your own spin on your VersaCopter.   Customization...you got it! Go crazy and create!  Upgrade now and see all the potential this quad has to offer!!

This machine is one of a kind!  Its one of the only quads on the market that allows for the consumer(YOU!) to customize and create their very own flying machine!  Not only do you get to change and flip colors, but you can also take the copter itself and reconfigure it in different ways!  The FT Versacopter V2 Quad is now tougher and better then ever!  Make yours today and become part of the "V2-EXPERIENCE"

The FT VersaCopter V2 Quad Kit includes:

1x- Top VersaCopter Plate

1x- Bottom VersaCopter Power Distribution Plate

2x- Carbon fiber booms

4x- Aluminum Motor Mount *(sets)* 

2x- Aluminum Boom Bracket *(sets)*


1x- Delrin Structural Casing 

1x- Delring backside antenna/battery lead 

1x- 10pck 30mm Screwpack

1x- 10pck 22mm Screwpack

2x- FT battery straps


12x- 4" Black zip ties

2x- 8" Black zip ties

1x- grommet

1x- FT sticker


Reviews (55)

Nick Wood 10th Sep 2016

Great product

I bought this 1. To support Flitetest and what they do. 2. I wanted to build my own quad. And 3. Because FPV is very interesting to me. I would like to see a video on setting up FPV on the versacopter. In the diy video they said one was coming. Since I am a complete newb this build was fun and rewarding. I can't wait to go further with it.

Greg Bailey 1st Sep 2016

The Versacopter NOT so Versatile

After watching some of your very informative videos and by the way thank you for making them available. I watched the one where you guys were chunking this copter from one side of the field to the other and the quad was holding up pretty well considering. At that point I ordered one up and after receiving it I have say that its not so versatile because unless the consumer buys all of the correct parts from you then it takes alot of modding to make other products work for instance the naze32. I had to drill through the board to mount mine hoping that I would not go through any of the circuits while drilling through the board. Also, the FC on that board is not even centered in the quad. As far as the top and bottom plates they are good and strong but the cut out board for the sides are very brittle and can be broke fairly easy. Heck both of the sides busted right out on the first little crash. I question why it was not made from the same material as the top and bottom. I think what would do alot of good and help alot of people out is if you kept the same Versacopter but in the middle you come out with another version or heck just a blank bottom plate so you could mount everything anywhere on the board you wanted to. I think you would sale alot more because as it is now Im mounting gear over places that are made into the board. In closing this is a great copter if you buy all the components to go along with it but if you plan on adding your own you will be forced to do some modding. Once again my suggestion would be to sell a blank bottom plate for the people who want have their own gear. Keep up the good work.



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