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FT Versa Wing Speed Build Kit

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The FT Versa Wing is an all around performer that will meet the needs of almost any pilot. Whether it's combat, FPV, or even a delta winged trainer with gentle stall characteristics, the FT Versa Wing does it all with ease. Use a swappable power pod to fly in a tractor configuration (propeller at the front of the wing), or install the optional FT Elements Simple Firewall to operate the FT Versa Wing in a pusher configuration (propeller mounted on the back of the wing). 

NOTE: Simple Element Firewall is sold separately for PUSHER configurations!

NOTE: Electronic Pack C is to only be used in the swappable tractor configuration. To use these electronics in a pusher configuration, you will need a smaller prop. 
Note: Usually ships within 3 business days.
This includes the airframe only (no electronics).
This airframe is compatible with the swappable series developed by Josh Bixler.

  • WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 10.6 oz (300 g)
  • CENTER OF GRAVITY: 7 inches (178 mm) from the nose of the wing
  • CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 12 ̊ deflection 30% expo
  • WINGSPAN: 38 inches (965 mm)
  • RECOMMENDED MOTOR: 29 g, 1300 kv minimum
  • RECOMMENDED PROP: 8 x 6 (pusher) 9 x 4.7 (tractor)
  • RECOMMENDED ESC: 10 - 30 amp (depending on motor)
  • RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 1000 - 2200 mAH 3s
  • RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (2) 9 gram servos 






Kit includes:

  • Laser-cut foam airframe
  • Power Pod (Swappable)
  • Firewall
  • Push rods
  • Control horns
  • Bar-BQ Skewers
  • Rubberbands
  • Data Sheet
  • Velcro
  • Zip tie



Reviews (21)

jake giubbini 17th Nov 2017

This thing is a blast!

This will be the 8th FT plane i've built so far. I originally scratch built it as a slope soarer only and it did alright but i never could find the right combination of wind, slope, or battery weight on the Oregon coast and besides i'm a pretty novice flyer (i break a lot of props). I live about 10 hours from the coast so i figured the air frame would delaminate before i got back to try it again so i threw on my "B" pack swappable power pod out of my simple cub with a 1000 mah 3 cell and a 10x4.5 prop (too big and drained battery fast but i had a lot of extras) and took it up. What a blast! it got tossed around a lot in the 15 mph wind but it still had unlimited vertical at 80% throttle and wasn't hard to fly. Acrobatics were fun and easy and I was very pleased for a half hour experiment. Now i just need to work on my landings or make some landing gear for it as it has a very long glide slope and i way overshot my landing on final and broke the prop

Bob B. Virginia Beach, Va. 12th Nov 2016

Awesome Kit

Awesome kit. Everything went together perfectly. Was right at the point where I was to join the wing haves and decided to take a break. Glad I did. Now it's a Blunt Nosed Versa Wing. Watched several videos about the blunt nosed conversion and ordered one right away. It fit perfectly. Just a few things left to do before I fly it.



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