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FT Tutor WR

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Power Pack B
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FT Tutor WR


FT Tutor WR



The FT Tutor was designed to be a training aircraft modeled after classic trainers, like the Sig Kadet, Eagle 2, LT-40, and Freedom 20. This aircraft also follows the concept of the Simple Series using many of the same common build techniques. The desire is that the FT Tutor will not only be a great entry into the hobby for new pilots, but also a fantastic new training plane.

The FT Tutor can be built as a 3-channel (combined with our power pack B) to enjoy easy relaxing flights. You can also add ailerons for basic aerobatics and the increased control that a 4-channel set up can give. The configuration can be set up as a taildragger, tricycle gear or even FT Simple Cub floats. If you want to turn things up to the extreme, add in the power pack C and the Turbo Tutor wing kit for insane aerobatics and 3D maneuvers.

Josh Bixler

Tutor is a great entry point to model aviation. Reuse the Power Pack to build other planes in the swappable series including the Simple Scout, Spear, Sportster and more! 




*Please note that product pictures do not always reflect what is contained in the kits. Please refer to the contents of the kit NOT the product pictures.



  • Center Of Gravity: 2.25-2.5 inches (57-63mm) from leading edge of wing
  • Wingspan: 41.5 inches (1055mm) Standard Wing
  • Wingspan: 37.25 inches (946mm) Sport Wing
  • Recommended Motor: 2212B-1050kv Standard (Power Pack B), 2218B-1180kv Sport/Floats (Power Pack C)
  • Recommended Prop: 10x4.5 3s, 9x4.5 4s
  • Recommended ESC: 30-40 amp
  • Recommended Battery: 1300 mAh 3s or 4s with 9x4.5 prop
  • Recommended Servos:  (2-4) 9 gram servos
  • My Son Loved It!

    Posted by Jack Snavely on 8th Sep 2022

    My youngest son and I made this as a scratch build for my oldest son. He has a Carbon Cub but wanted tri-cycle landing gear. The tricycle landing gear worked great. We will use this design again! The plane flew great. We used SAFE and have not done any stunts yet. With "C" motor it can be fast or very slow. He said he liked it much better than his Carbon Cub. Two thumbs up!

  • FT Tutor

    Posted by Joseph Miller on 2nd Jul 2022

    I've been really enjoying the Tutor. I'm very new to the hobby and figured I'd get the most basic thing I could. It was relatively easy to build with help from the videos. I ended up crashing it a few times due to lack of experience smashing the front end and breaking a servo on the elerons. I ended up rebuilding the front half from dollar store foam board and going down to only using 3 channels. I am very happy I was still able to fly my plane.

  • Excellent Trainer my students like it

    Posted by jason day on 21st Dec 2021

    Really enjoyed building this kit. The fact that it is based off of an old classic kit (Sig Cadet) just shows how smart they were. I mean why reinvent the wheel when you have a classic design, just implement it in foam board.

    I put a C motor in it and it really goes. I enjoy how easy it gets offf the ground and how easy it slows down for landings. I've been buddy boxing with my students and now I"m officially pushing out Horizon Aero Scout. This I believe just flys more dare I say it realistically. I have it set up with ailerons and it flys great.

    Being a tail dragger it is a little more tricky to taxi on the ground but I don't care since we're spending most of the time in the air anyways.

    For me the only thing I had to do differently is that I secure the front hatch with a couple of rubber bands but heck I don't care.

    Good job guys and I will continue to recommend this plane as the next step up for an intermediate trainer to my students here in Santa Barbara.

    This is one off lite tests inspired models thanks guys. And if your ever in Santa Barbara visiting Oprah or Prince Harry look me up. ;-)

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