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FT Mighty Mini F6F Hellcat

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Power Pack:
Power Pack F SE

FT Mighty Mini F6F Hellcat


FT Mighty Mini F6F Hellcat


The Flite Test Mighty Mini Hellcat is the latest and most exciting installment in the FT Mighty Mini line and is designed for legendary fun! This 30" wingspan Mini Hellcat is as rewarding to build as it is to fly. The Mini Hellcat was designed using the latest techniques to give you the best build experience possible. This new design offers many of the same realistic lines found in the Master Series but retains many of the familiar construction techniques of the FT classic designs.

Although a Mini, this Hellcat allows plenty of room for your electronics and quick battery changes. You can even equip your Mini Hellcat with the FT Aura 5 flight controller, making your Mini Hellcat a great trainer. The Aura 5 will also smooth out your flights by removing the adverse effects of gusty wind.

The Mini Hellcat uses the Power Pack F for great power and efficiency.

For instructional build videos, click HERE!


FT Mini Hellcat Specification
• Wingspan: 30"
• Center of gravity: 2.25" from leading edge
• Recommended Electronics: Flite Test F power pack
• Recommended Battery: 800 mAh -1000 mAh 3S battery

  • F6F Hellcat

    Posted by John Rosenberg on 5th Jul 2022

    Great build video.Easy to follow. Flying it on a 650ma 4s battery, flies like it’s on rails and goes vertical forever. My friend so it fly and am ordering one for him today.

  • Hellcat Wings Folded

    Posted by Jack Snavely on 23rd Nov 2021

    Probably a good idea to reinforce the wings. My son was using this to drop bombs by attaching with magnets and pulling up hard from dives. This was enough to fold the wings eventually. He really liked this plane, though and plans to glue it and keep going.

  • FliteTest mini Hellcat

    Posted by Chris on 25th Sep 2021

    I bought this kit at the Edgewater Airpark and built it in time for Flite Fest ‘21. It looks so scale and flies from mild to wild. On a 3S 850, it flies scale for 5-8 minutes. It can cruise fast or loaf around slow if you want. With a 4S 850, it’s a dynamic powerhouse. It has nearly vertical climb and can fly nearly 60 mph. I love flying this plane and the build was fun.

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