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mig3-1.jpgThank you for choosing the FT MiG-3 as your next FT warbird project. Since the first FT warbird (the FT Spitfire), Flite Test has learned a great deal about aircraft design. Our passion is to take make both the flying and building experience the best it can be. Because of that passion, we made the MiG-3 as fun and easy to build as it was to fly. We thank Flite Test family member, Nic Lechner (AKA Nerd Nic), for his assistance on this awesome project. Nic was the first person to produce a foam board MiG-3. His passion for both speed and unique techniques on foam board planes is evident in all his designs.

The FT MiG-3 may not hit 120 mph, but it can be built in one evening using the familiar techniques that are shared on all Flite Test designs. Flying the FT MiG-3 is a joy. Its fast speed does not take away its stable flight characteristics. Intermediate pilots will enjoy stable and smooth control authority all the way up to stall point. We have added a few unique features on the FT version including a top removable hatch that is made from foam board instead of poster board. Installing the battery is as easy as pulling a skewer and sliding your 2200mah 3 cell inside your power pod. The ESC is bottom mounted for easy cooling and access. Flite Test is truly grateful for all the incredible minds and hearts that are held by our great family of pilots and builders. We want to take every opportunity to showcase those individuals. If you are interested in learning more about Nic Lechner’s other designs, we would encourage you to check out his site nerdnic. com and consider supporting him through both a donation or store purchase. We are very excited to see what great memories and moments come from building and flying both the Flite Test and the Nerd Nic versions of the MiG-3. Thank you for your support and blessing Flite Test in so many ways. - Josh Bixler



  • FT MiG-3 Includes: 
  • 1x FT MiG-3 Foam Kit
  • 1x Velcro
  • 4x Pushrods
  • 4 Skewers
  • 1x Swappable firewall
  • 4x Control Horns
  • 2x Landing Gear Wires
  • 1x Poster Board Canopy 
  • 2x Poster Board Wing Fairing
  • 1x Main Wooden Spar
  • 2x Popsicle sticks
  • Note: This Kit Does Not Include Wheels

FT MiG-3 Specs: 

  • Weight Without Battery: 1.20 lbs (544g)
  • Center Of Gravity: 2 inches from the leading edge
  • Control Surface Throws: 12 degree deflection, expo 30%
  • Wingspan: 42 inches (1067mm)
  • Recommended Motor: 2215/09 1200 kv size motor
  • Recommended Prop: 9 x 45 CCW
  • Recommended ESC: 30 amp minimum
  • Recommended Battery: 2200 mAh 3s
  • Recommended Servos: (4) 9 gram servos


Please watch recent build videos before removing any paper from the foam! Some videos may use white foam board, which is no longer available and has now been replaced with water-resistant foam board.


Reviews (1)

Tevis 16th Apr 2017

Pretty Good

I have built a lot of flite test planes and was pretty excited to give this one a go. The new techniques for the turtle deck and some of the other parts are absolutely fantastic! This plane easily has the best build of anything I have done so far. Unfortunately I do not love the flight characteristics. For whatever reason I found this plane bouncing around a lot more in the air than other builds. I have gotten my moneys worth out of this thing by now for sure but after every flight I am changing something to try and get it to behave a bit better in the air. Overall love the build not my favorite flying plane though.



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