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FT Master Series A-10 Warthog Bundle

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RC Airplane Build Kit with Electronics

Experience the FT Master Series A-10 Warthog Value Bundle for your RC plane endeavors. Unique build, dynamic flight, value-packed. Unleash the sky's potential.

FT Master Series A-10 Warthog Bundle


FT Master Series A-10 Warthog Bundle

Build Level
Flying Level

The Flite Test Master Series A-10 Warthog has been re-imagined using the latest Master Series techniques to give you a build experience as unique as the A-10 itself. This is the first release to use the new symbol mapping system. Each piece is marked with Its own instructions making your T A-10 build as straightforward as possible. Battery changes are a snap with Its removable nose and spacious interior. With a wingspan of 50 inches, this Hog can really cut through the sky! Its size gives you the control you want in both windy and calm conditions alike.

You'll love Its smooth lines and nimble maneuverability. The FT Master Series A-10 gives you the ability to perform scale flights, or add a 4-cell battery and go vertical! This aircraft can give you the best of both worlds, balancing speed and control.

The Master Series A-10 comes as a value bundle. Value bundles include everything you need to fly your model minus the receiver and battery. For this model, you will need to solder your motor leads to the included 3.5mm bullet connectors. Match this included power pack with a 3700mah 4 cell for crazy power, speed, and efficiency!

FT Master Series A-10 Warthog Specifications

  • Wingspan: 50"
  • Dry Weight: 895 grams
  • Center of gravity: 2" from leading edge

Package Includes

  • Kit includes Motors, ESC, Servos, and Servo Cables because the parts are different from the usual FT Power Packs.

FT Master Series A-10 Warthog Videos

Complete Build Video Playlist Here

  • Don’t buy the bundle

    Posted by Rob Huntley on 28th Feb 2022

    The bundled power pack is below the standard I’ve come to expect from Flitetest. The 40amp ESCs weigh 50 grams each. The motors are both CCW rotating so they don’t torque cancel and they don’t have specs published. No propellers are included so hard to match to motors without specs. I’ve looked, but can’t find a way to contact customer service.

  • Is it worth it?

    Posted by Dan on 9th Aug 2021

    On August 8, 2021 I attended an airshow of warbirds and came across this airplane I watched this plane takeoff and it was so smooth stayed right on track until I got off the ground and then from there that’s when the fireworks began this plane is so agile and so fast the maneuvers this guy was doing with this plane blew my mind for the price of this plane I think it’s worth every penny so that’s what I’m doing right now is saving my pennies so I can get one I can’t wait to get my hands on his plane so I can get it in the air and experience to find myself.

  • Master Series A-10

    Posted by Rick Spurlock on 12th Jul 2021

    Kudos to the Flite Test team for once again creating a great project. With the electronics bundle, everything is there. The symbol mapping is EXCELLENT, and John Overstreet's video instructions in the playlist are great. With the symbol mapping, there is no more need to go back and forth in a video - just watch once and start building.

    Some of the video instructions for the A-10 are scattered throughout the playlist; but if you look at some of the other clips, you will find all you need.

    Thank you Flite Test!

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