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FT Logo Lifestyle/Drone BACKPACK!!

The Universal drone backpack is perfect for taking everything you need with you to the flying field!  With two different color options(Red/black, White/Black) and to many features to count, this backpack will allow for you to easily transport all your RC gear(multiple quads,transmitter,batteries,tools,chair, etc!) wherever you need to go!  The backpack is also comprised of an inside lining of a soft,cushion material that helps protect your gear!  Also, just like a DSLR camera bag, this backpack comes with different sized padded segments that can be pieced and placed to make the perfect fit for your gear every time!   Also, one thing everyone worries about is RAIN...well this pack comes with a waterproof covering so that all your gear stays dry!!  With the main bold Flite Test gremlin Logo on the front and two side accent gremlins on the lower parts of the bag, you can rep the Gremlin wherever you go in style as well as have all your stuff in one place!! Let us know how you like it in the review sections and we hope you enjoy it is as much as we do! 



  • Length: 12.5 in (317.5mm)
  • Height: 20 in (508mm)
  • Width/Diameter: 10.5 in (266.7mm)

Reviews (12)

Geoff 3rd Apr 2017

Great bag for a great price

This bag is really hard to beat for the price. Tons of space, and nearly endless layout options. The only thing I wish it had was more loops on the outside to mount more quads.

Sam P. 22nd Jan 2017

Makes Travelling A Lot Easier

This bag is a great deal for the price. I used to travel with my gear using a regular school backpack. It was hard to fit some of the larger items and stuff would eventually pile up in the bottom of the bag. With this FT backpack it is very easy place and organize all of your items. The divider blocks can be arranged in an endless amount of configurations to sort and safely hold your gear and prevent things from shifting around over time. The front pocket provides a nice place to store your laptop, notebook, or anything else you might need in the field. Padding on the back and shoulders makes for very comfortable wearing of the backpack. Two mesh pockets on the side are a great place to store water bottles, extra props, or maybe a snack. There are some nice buckles at the waist and chest so that the pack does not bounce around if you are biking or hiking somewhere. The pack is also not overly large like some other drone backpacks so you will not gain unwanted attention wearing it. I recently traveled on an airplane using this backpack to bring all my gear. The pack fits through the security conveyor belt and perfectly in the carry on bins of the airplane. I was able to fit three quadcopters inside, with DIY fpv goggles, batteries, props, and other miscellaneous items, but the transmitter was checked in separate.Now I have rearranged things to fit a miniquad with props on, a microquad, my taranis, batteries, props, and goggles. I am very pleased with my purchase.