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FT Limited ME262

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FT Limited ME262


FT Limited ME262

Flying Space Required
Large Field
Build Level
Flying Level
Build Time
16 Hr
Flying Speed
Battery Capacity
3300 mAh
Battery Cells
Power Pack
"C Twin"
Min. Channels
Master Series

Fly the first turbo-jet powered aircraft to ever see combat! The Flite Test Limited Me 262 is a massive model with a 70" wingspan giving it a menacing presence in the air. Inspired by the Flite Test HNemesis" episode, the FT ME 262 uses the latest in foam molding techniques, that not only gives the airplane it's amazing sleek looks, but also makes it an extremely docile flyer with a wide speed envelope. A true gentle giant.

With a choice of either twin 70mm EDF engines or two Flite Test 2218 motors in a pusher prop configuration, you can choose the power plant that's best for your budget and flying style.


FT Limited Me262 Specifications
• Wingspan: 70"
• Center of Gravity: 5" from leading edge
• Weight :1828 grams
• Recommended Electronics: 70 MM EDFs/90amp ESC, may be configured with two Flite Test 221 Bs motors with Pusher Props and Flite Test 35 amp ESC. 15 gram servos
• Recommended Battery: Battery will vary depending on engine setup. Successful testing was done with twin FT2218s using a 3000mAh 4S batteries. Successful EDF testing was done using 5000mAh 4S Battery


Click Here to download the Me262 Build Plan


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  • Me-262

    Posted by CrashNBurn on 10th Apr 2022

    Really shouldn't be built as a belly lander; use some kind of landing gear instead. The center spar is too weak for repeated landings on the nacelles and the thin wing will fold in flight. Recommend perhaps supplementing wing spars with some carbon fiber rods. That said, it does look and sound awesome in the air when built with 70mm EDFs. Fairly easy flyer, too.

  • Pretty good, but not amazing.

    Posted by Caleb on 1st Aug 2021

    I ordered this a while ago and honestly I love it! The quality of the foam board is amazing in my opinion and I love the way it came out. But, it’s not all great, the instructions are um, not good, they aren’t all that comprehensive and though the build is amazing we were just kinda winging it with the occasional helping hand from said instructions. I think it would’ve been best if there were more steps or like the steps told you what piece you were supposed to be using rather then like: put exhaust on cell under the wing. Well I’m sorry the exhaust is two pieces could you tell me at least what sheet their on? No? Ok. Overall I’d say it was pretty ok.

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