FT Gremlin Frame Designed By Josh Bixler (Carbon Fiber)

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This is the latest edition to our line of high quality and indestructible Gremlin Frames!

The frames are made of a 1.5mm carbon fiber that is incredibly durable and works great for indoor and outdoor flying, making the Gremlin an affordable option for those learning to fly quads and for seasoned pilots as well. The frame is designed as light as possible only at 0.5 oz for the best flying experience. 

This Gremlin was designed to be simple to build, yet unique in looks. The H style frame puts the camera ahead and keeps the props from being seen in your downlink. The slim profile still allows room for all your electronics without being too cramped.  

     "Josh Bixler"

We’ll be releasing more frame designs in the future as well as free plans to go along with them. And in the swappable spirit, we want to see what YOU create! Share your ideas for Gremlin frames on our YouTube channel, Facebook page or in an article, and it could become a Gremlin community release our Store!

Included with Josh's Gremlin Frame:

1x 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Frame
4x 10mm Nylon Standoffs
8x M3 6mm Nylon Screws 
1x Rubber O-Ring For Battery
1x Thick Battery Pads

To complete your gremlin quad check out Power Pack G With Flite Test Gremlin Frame


Reviews (1)

Brett 18th Jan 2018

Joshes frame

Great frame quality but there were a few flaws with Joshes frame, the holes are not big enough for the stand offs supplied so i had to redrill them and i also fitted the Emax RS1106 motors and had the same problem, my personal opinion is the TJ frame is a better build with no mods needed and it seems to fly better even with the smaller power pack