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FT Gremlin Frame Designed By Chad Lewis (Carbon Fiber)

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0.02 LBS

FT Gremlin Frame Designed By Chad Lewis (Carbon Fiber)


The frames are made of a 1.5mm carbon fiber that is incredibly durable and works great for indoor and outdoor flying, making the Gremlin an affordable option for those learning to fly quads and for seasoned pilots as well. The frame is designed as light as possible only at 0.5 oz for the best flying experience. 

We’ll be releasing more frame designs in the future as well as free plans to go along with them. And in the swappable spirit, we want to see what YOU create! Share your ideas for Gremlin frames on our YouTube channel, Facebook page or in an article, and it could become a Gremlin community release our Store!

Included with Chads's Gremlin Frame

4) 10mm stand offs nylon
2) 20mm stand offs nylon
1) 3D printed chad gremlin FPV camera mount
10) 6mm nylon screws
2) 18mm stainless steel screws
1) battery O ring

Main frame pieces
1) top plate
1) bottom plat
1) camera plate

To complete your gremlin quad check out Power Pack G With Flite Test Gremlin Frame

  • The frame I've been waiting for.

    Posted by HeliDragon510 on 15th Mar 2018

    I like Chad Lewis, he's an incredible and inventive guy added to the FT Team. I'm nothing less that blown away by the stuff he's come up with, including this frame. I like my frames to be as FLAT as possible. You see these sexy frames that then look all lumpy after a battery is added to them. With Chad's frame, especially on 2S, it merges with the frame as a single cohesive unit that is seldom seen, and usually when it is, there are major compromises. It also offers excellent camera protection.

    So what are the down sides? I gave this 5 stars but I don't feel it's perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect quad frame IMO. One, is that the camera mount is not universal. I salvaged the camera out of a 90mm quad I got from China. It's a standard'ish dual board design with a built in 25mw Tx. Inserting you need to be very careful you're not pressing on the edge of some little surface mount component. I would like to see some little hooks on the TPU mount or on the frame itself to use a rubberband to hold down the camera. I ended up using hot glue and I think if I ever want to replace the camera, I'll need to replace the mount. Just my way of doing it.

    Second, I think the rubber band thing could have been a little larger. It holds a 2S 550mAh battery VERY tight, but it doesn't seem to harm the battery. A 3S I think would be too big, or anything bigger than a 550mAh. That said I know I can go find my own rubberbands and things.

    Finally, I would have liked to see aluminum stand offs instead of the plastic ones. You need to keep a close eye on those plastic screws as they will tend to back out on something like a multi-rotor. That said with such a high RPM vs say a 400mm+ quad it may not be an issue. Offering an optional aluminum stand off set for this frame would be AWESOME!

    Oh one last thing. This is NOT a beginner build. It's challenging to solder onto the teeny Femto EMAX FC. also soldering the rear ESC's to the board was challenging but not impossible. It was a fun build and rewarding. I didn't do anything the "easy" way. I pride my builds in being as clean as possible. It was a lot of fun. It fly's great, and if memory serves, it came in at like 160rams AUW. Sorry I can't remember the exact weight. But well under the 250g limit some places have right now.

    The only other thing I thought was odd was placing the FC with double sided foam tape. This is a limitation of space on the femto though. The FC is about the same size if not smaller than a US quarter. There's simply no room. I would love to see eMAX cram a featured BetaFlight (CleanFlight) compatible OSD onto a future version of the Femto but I just don't see how they could do it without adding a daughter board of some kind. If they did that, it may not fit in a SLAMMED frame like this one.

    I really do love the look and design of this frame and I think it will hold up to any crash at 2S power and probably 3S as well, flying over grass anyway. Eeeeeh unless you smash it into a wall or tree. Great job FT and Chad Lewis.

    Oh I'm using the stock EMAX motors and the Bullet ESC's and a S.BUS de-cased Futaba Rx. Basically a stock build. Also flying stock tune for the time being.

  • awesome

    Posted by Zeb on 19th Jan 2018

    this thing is a blast and tough and it rips for a little guy! i fly it on my lunch break around the yard had to do a little tuning just the rates some to make it more snappy, I left the PID's alone. it would be nice to have some basic layout instructions but i figured it out i put the controller behind the cam and the rx behind the controller bat underneath seems to balance out ok great job ya'll

  • Best Protective frame to build a new Gremlin or re-Frame your Baby Hawk

    Posted by DMyers on 1st Jan 2018

    With complete protection for all your components including the camera and an awesome step design to house the battery in a protective manner this frame is the best there is to build a new Gremlin or to re-Frame your plastic Baby Hawk; without even changing the wires (except lengthening the camera power harness).

    The only issue is if you are re-Framing the guts of a Baby Hawk the stock EMax camera does not fit the included camera mount which is required as part of the frame structure. Problem solved: "". Download and print or have me print it through 3DHubs. Enjoy!

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