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FT Flerken (914mm)

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FT Flerken (914mm)


FT Flerken (914mm)


The FT Flerken is a combination of the true celebration of form and function. With its forward-swept polyhedral wings, combined with a V style tail, it makes the FT Flerken not only look awesome but makes it track straight as if on rails. Along with the sleek looks of the exterior, the large interior cavity, with upper and lower bays, makes mounting and configuring an assortment of electronics a breeze (can be flown on FT Power Packs B or C).

The Flerken doesn’t only look and feel amazing, it is also a great project for an intermediate builder and can easily be built in an evening. Whether you want aerobatics, FPV, long range, or just a wide speed envelope, this is a model that will go to the field with you every time you go. Bottom line: The FT Flerken combines an edgy look with predictable and gentle characteristics that will not bite you (pun intended).



FT Flerken specs:

  • Wingspan: 36" (914mm)
  • Length 26.25"
  • Center of Gravity: .5"to 1" See dots on the bottom of the wings
  • Weight without battery: 1lb
  • Control throws: 16 degrees


Optional Flerken Power Add-on contains the following:

  • 9x4.5 CW Prop
  • 2212 1250KV Motor
  • 30A 2-4s ESC
  • 2x 9 gram servos
  • 2x 20 cm servo extensions
  • Recommended ESC is insufficient

    Posted by Florian on 5th Dec 2022

    Like the Flerken for its design and looks. Also flies great and a good FPV platform. Minor issue is that the CG can only be achieved with bigger/heavier batteries placed all the way in the front. Real issue is that the 30A ESC coming with the Power Add-On may be insufficient. My motor and ESC run very hot and I had them switch off mid-air on several occasions, one of which led to an uncontrollable crash.

  • Difficult to get correct CG

    Posted by Dustin on 13th Jun 2022

    Love the looks of this plane. Must be something I did in the build process since others are able to get this plane to work but I could not get the CG right for the lift of me. Even when perfectly balanced on the CG marks the plane was terribly unstable. Moved the CG back 1/2 inch and it became incredibly tail heavy, move it forward incredibly nose heavy. I must be missing something but I was a bit disappointed with this model.

  • Flerken

    Posted by Scott Hurley on 18th Mar 2022

    I have built 3 Flerken kits and they all came out great. The video instructions are very well done and make for an easy build. Lots of bevel cuts but worth the effort for this great design. The kit is perfectly cut and even includes the Velcro and battery straps. I used the recommended power package which is plenty of power and fits perfectly. For the first flight I moved the cg 1/2" back from the marks in the wing. The Flerken was easy to hand launch and only needed a couple of clicks of right trim. I am really happy with how well this flies both slow and fast. The only negative is that I would have liked the kit to include the Flerken decals. Buy one, you will love it.

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