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Add a glow to your EZ plane with the FT EZ LED set.  Add visibility when flying outdoors in low light conditions and create some fun when flying indoors in large gyms.  The strand is 5 inches (127mm) long and has 8 green and 1 white LED.  strand of LEDs plugs directly into your EZ stabilizer board and is powered by the plane’s 1S battery.  The strands have double-stick tape on the back for quick installation.  

The FT EZ LED Set is compatible with all FT STEM Project EZ planes, FT EZ3 plane sets, the FT Freighter and the FT Airliner.  

Weight: 4g

  • Bright LEDS, pity they're only green

    Posted by Carl Leisegang on 16th Jun 2023

    These are great additions for the FT EZ series. They are super bright and make for fun nighttime flying. The white LED as the last light is an neat touch.

    I'm docking a star, though, as I feel strongly that as a STEM item, these should come as a set of one green strip and one red strip.
    What better way to teach our youngsters about navigation than with their very first planes? Also then, it's obviously so much easier to track. Maybe I should have taken two stars away for this failed insight...

    I have a Powerup LED kit that almost got it right, however, they bombed by having blue and red LEDs, with the red being nice and bright but the blue hardly noticeable.
    My plan is to now use one set from the EZ LEDs and have them on the right, and the the PowerUp on the left and throw the blue remains into the fuselage.

    All-in-all, hopefully with the update to v2 in the power pack, it will mean an update to the LEDs to have them not just a cool feature, but an essential STEM tool, too.

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