FT Explorer Core Kit

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The FT Explorer Core Kit includes everything needed to build the fuselage of the FT Explorer. Builders can use this  Core kit to turn your full FT Explorer Kit into 2 separate complete air frames (one 3 channel and one 4 Channel). Our goal is to get people building, flying, and designing together. Look for many other unique designs from both our team and the community to share this common piece for many designs to come.


Reviews (6)

Bud Eidson 25th Jul 2016

One more FT Explorer base plane.

The FT Explorer is a great design that lends itself to many configurations (once you get the particulars sorted out) that are available, and certainly at a great price. I rate it with 5 stars!

Mike I 25th Jul 2016


Can never have enough spares,Being a "Trainer" it's going to get bashed up a lot. I didn't like the way my build turned out,(Maybe being too much of a perfectionist) I didn't have a pattern to make the parts,so I ordered another "Kit" just to have on hand.