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FT Elements Thrust Vector

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This is a versatile single axis thrust vectoring firewall made from 3/32nd inch aircraft grade plywood. (Designed to be used with a 9g metal gear digital servo) Pre cut holes allow this firewall to be used with almost any motor.


Reviews (4)

Frederick Vears 13th Mar 2017

I'm happy with my oder.

Received my Vector Thrust Element it was biuld in 10:00 minutes. Sweet!!!!

Chris 2nd Mar 2017

It's insane

The maneuvers that you can pull of with this mount are absurd..but it's so much fun. It's super sturdy and reliable(especially with a metal gear digital servo), but the firewall needs to be glued on really well for models with large-ish props(about 9 inches) and no landing gear. This thing's worth every penny.