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FT Elements Battery/Camera mount

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A laser cut kit to keep your battery and or camera secure to you airframe. Laser cut out of 1/16th" aircraft grade plywood. Comes with 3 straps of velcro. This works great with Gopro 1, 2, 3, or a Mobius. Cameras and batteries not included.


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Solomon Parker 20th Jan 2017

Good standard FT stuff, but should be included in kits.

It's a good product, but it really should have been included with my SeaDuck. The SeaDuck is already a more expensive plane and the longest build, just tack a couple more bucks on there and include the battery tray. Had to put construction on hold for two weeks until it showed up. Also, I would really like to be able to buy all the wooden parts in either carbon fiber, delrin, or G10.

8th Jan 2017

Great-and you get two of them

It was a nice high quality laser cut, and came with two sets.