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FT Cub Chuck Glider

FT Cub Gliders
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The FT Cub Chuck Glider is the perfect first step into this hobby with your lower elementary students. The chuck glider designs allows students to learn the basics of DIY scratch build aviation and provide them the tools to continue to grow using the FT STEM curriculum. These gliders can by built quickly and used in alignment with your Lower Elementary lessons and resources. 

Grade Level: K-6

See Curriculum Connection: http://fliteteststem.com/curriculum.html

FT STEM Learning Strands: FT Workbench and Build 2 Fly 

20 Sheet Count Includes; 

  • 40x FT Cub Gliders 
  • 40x Wooden Jigs
  • 40x Rubber Bands

40 sheet Count Includes; 

  • 80x FT Cub Gliders 
  • 80x Wooden Jigs
  • 80x Rubber Bands

This Lesson also requires; 

Please Contract: support@ftstem.com for large order requests


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