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FT Crafty Kit

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5.00 LBS

FT Crafty Kit


The Crafty Kit is a concept we have been thinking about for quite a while now! At Flite Test we have built many, many foam board airplanes and we have become fairly particular on what kinds of tools we use to put these designs together. 

The Crafty Kit is NOT just the cheapest materials we could find that would get the job done. They are the exact tools that we have around the shop that help us work efficiently and effectively. We also wanted to utilize every aspect of the Crafty Kit, including the box. The box that this kit is shipped in unfolds to create a workspace that is screen printed with a measurement grid and an info graphic that defines a lot of the basic information regarding the hobby. 

Flite Test 300w Glue Gun - This is a substantial upgrade over your average hobby glue gun. It has adjustable temperature and has been thoroughly tested on out FT GLue Sticks.  (110v US Plug only)   

FT Hot Glue- After testing dozens and dozens of glue formulas, we have finally settled on one that works best for us. You receive two pounds (20 ten inch sticks) of glue with the crafty kit. 

Razor Blades- We have included premium carbon tool steel blades with your kit. They retain their edge longer then any other blades we have used and of course they are replaceable. It is important to keep a fine edge to keep the build process running well. 

Measurement- We include a high quality stainless steel 12 inch ruler and a precision triangle. (features SAE and Metric)
Packing Tape-  Again, we have tried many different brands of packing tape and we included the kind we prefer with an attached dispenser/cutter. 
Servo Tester- Check and center your Servos with this handy Servo Tester. With 4 outputs, you can check and center up to 4 servos at once. The 3 position switch on the side allows you to center the servo, check the full range of motion with manual or automatic control. 
Voltage Alarm- Make sure you land before you land your aircraft long before you battery dies with this beeping Voltage alarm!

Screwdriver- Size 4 phillips screwdriver with Flite Test Branding. Perfect for servo screws!
FT Fun- Flite Test Stickers 
  • Crafy Kit

    Posted by Ralph on 15th Jan 2018

    Just got the Crafty Kit today. Looking through it everything looks like high quality components. What a great idea to use the shipping box as a work surface with useful information printed on it! I wonder how many threw the box away?

    I'm looking forward to building the FT Sea Duck with mine!


    Posted by Richard Weaver on 6th Mar 2017

    This kit has everything I will need to put all of my Flite Test models together. No need to run all over collecting the various tools, needed to make it easy to build Flite Test kits.
    It comes at a good price for quality tools.

  • Newby Kit-works great

    Posted by Lou on 8th Feb 2017

    I am just getting into the hobby after sitting on the sideline for 30 years. Built the FT Alpha with this kit. Perfect kit for the job!

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