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FT Baby Blender WR (610mm)

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2.00 LBS
Flying Difficulty:
Build Difficulty:

FT Baby Blender WR (610mm)


FT Baby Blender WR (610mm)


The Baby Blender Swappable is an excellent transition into four channel flying and more advanced building techniques. With gentle stall characteristics and a wide speed envelope, the Baby Blender will enable you to experience all the benefits of four channel flight. Tight loops, rolls, hammerheads, snap rolls, inverted, and even high alpha are all possible with this design. The Baby Blender will quickly take away your intimidation of flying a four channel biplane, and take you back to your childhood when the only limitation was the lead in your pencil and the size of your paper. 



This includes the airframe only (no electronics).
This airframe is compatible with the swappable series developed by Josh Bixler.

Weight -  14 oz (without battery) 
Wingspan - 24 in (610 mm)

Kit includes:

  • Laser-cut foam airframe
  • Posterboard turtle deck and wing tip covers
  • Power Pod (Swappable)
  • Firewall
  • Zip tie
  • Push rods
  • Control horns
  • Velcro
  • Bar-BQ Skewers
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Rubberbands
  • Coffee Stir
  • Data Sheet
  • Throw Gauge
  • Foam Wheels
  • Rod for landing gear
  • Built it at Flite Fest

    Posted by John on 14th Aug 2016

    My dad and I built this together at FF16. I was expecting it to be more difficult than it was. We watched the video on an iPhone screen, and couldn't hear it because of all the noise in the build tent. Even starting and stopping, we had no problem following along with the build. It went together like a dream.

    Then the maiden flight. I'm still a fledgling rc pilot, so I was a little worried, but it flew like it was on rails! It is a zippy little plane, and very maneuverable. Not a beginner plane, that's for sure. But fun to fly! We added the little foam wheels that FT sells in their store, and the landing gear held up just fine. It did nose over every landing, but no real damage done. Be sure to keep speed up and nose slightly down on final approach and flare it out just before touchdown to bleed off the speed.

    Super fun to fly, even more fun to build with Dad! Excellent job FT Team!

  • Not built yet...but...quality of product after awesome!

    Posted by Paul Hicks-Owner Paul's Hobbies Pocahontas AR on 12th Aug 2016

    Can't hardly wait to get this one built and flying. I will attach a video of it soon.

  • Great plane, but not the most stable

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2016

    I loved building this plane, it was a quick and straightforward build. I find the build videos much better and easier to follow than written instructions, but that may be because i'm more of a visual learner. I love the plane's flying characteristics, but it feels a tendency to turn left on hard up elevator, could be because of my poor building skills. It is very touchy to the sticks. The landing gear is a little flimsy, but being bent back into place it was good as new. Battery excess is easy, and I don't know about the review below, but this kit DOES NOT include servo extensions or screwdrivers. Pretty sure its a fake review.

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