Flite Test

FT 210 Frame

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FT 210 Quad Frame-FRAME ONLY!

Frame Weight: Approximately 110 g

This Frame includes:

  • 1x 4mm bottom plate.
  • 1x 2mm top plate with printed FT gremlin.
  • 2x Board Camera side plates for easy degree tilt options.
  • 1x 3-hole backplate for multiple connector options.
  • 1x Aluminum standoff kit (your choice of red, blue or green colors). 
  • 1x FT battery strap.
  • 1x New sticker pack.
  • 1x Supplemental pack. 
    • 4x 20mm Bottom head screws
    • 4x 3mm Lock nuts
    • 8x O-rings
    • 16x 6mm Motor mount screws

Reviews (13)

Shawn 7th May 2017


Amazing frame very robust and it comes with more than you will ever need. Everything fit perfectly with no problem. Only thing I wish is that the edges of at least the top and bottom plate were rounded off some I've had some spots chip up cause the sharp edge other than that it's an awesome frame I've beat the crap out of it and have had no issues

Fred 14th Apr 2017

Not Bad but Not Great

I bought this looking to get a good beater frame for practicing tree-dodging and gaping, looking for a wicked thick frame to smash into things. While the frame is nice and beefy, the weave is pretty thick and most of the corners could have bigger stress reliefs. I've already smacked it into a few posts and it's certainly holding up to the stress though! I'm not really a fan of how close standard 5" props swing to the body. Sure, you've got all this extra space inside but it's sorta pointless if it's just going to chew up the props. Quality on the parts is also less than great. There is a swarf remaining on most of the cut holes from sloppy g-code planning in the manufacturer and one of the included camera plates was mis-centered so that the retaining tabs were over-sized on one end and undersized on the other. All in all, it's not a bad frame and I'm happy to throw a couple of bucks at the Flite Test crew, but there's certainly better stuff for the money out there.