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FT 210 Crash Replacement Kit

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FT 210 Crash Replacement Kit!

As we all know we all crash and sometimes we crash HARD!  Now with RACE Quads sometimes you are going to fast to correct or things just kind of "Jump" into your path! ;) We felt that with the FT 210, we needed some OPTIONS for replacement parts, which stemmed into the inspiration behind this KIT!  
This frame will take QUITE a beating until something cracks or breaks(especially the 4mm bottom plate).  The thinner, but also durable, top and side plates are 2mm which gives strength, but also sleek looking style!  Lastly, the back plate that holds your antenna and VTX is ALSO included in the great crash kit!  After crashing or breaking a part you do not want to buy a whole new frame because the bottom plate you might never use... SO this allows for everyone to get all the parts they need in a small, concise, affordable package!


1x 2mm top plate with gremlin decal

2x 2mm camera side plates

1x 2mm 3-hole backplate for multiple connector options


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