FSV110X Transformer HD System

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This FSV1104 bundle is a complete goggle kit with the HD monitor preinstalled into the Full Panel Viewer.  In this configuration, the goggles enjoy the cost benefit of a single panel design but in a form and comfort factor closer to micro display type goggles.  The patented folded optics allow both eyes to converge onto the single display in a viewer that is less than half the size of all previous single panel style headsets. A bottom mounted access panel can be opened to change the optics for different magnifications (sold separately).
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  • Brand Name: Fatshark 
  • Item Name: Transformer HD Bundle
  • Frequency: 5.8G
Package Included:
  • 1x FSV1101 720p monitor with diversity receiver (antenna not included)
  • 1x FSV1103 HD Full Panel Viewer
  • 1x 18650 cell Li-Ion battery holder (battery and charger not included)
  • 1x Power Extension cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Cleaning cloth

Reviews (1)

DMyers 11th Mar 2017

Ammmazzzzzing - Fat Shark has done it again

The folded optics create a clear completely in focus bright large HD screen image in a very shallow case; unlike all the other monitor type goggles which use a fresnel lens which cause soft stretched corners, Fat Shark created an amazing reflective image path that generates an HD image as if you where looking directly at the monitor outside the headset. Because of the smaller box, the entire headset is very light even though it is a durable plastic instead of a foam box. With a separate accessory you can get the same split eye view traditional FatShark goggles give you which can provide a slightly more immersive image experience; I like it stock. Pop the functional monitor off the box and you have a self contained sun light readable monitor which can be tripod mounted for others to view. If that was not enough, they have a HDMI port to allow you to connect them to a HD receiver or your computer so you can FPV sim with them. I have Attitude V2s which I upgraded to RaceBand and the ski goggle faceplate and am seriously considering these to be my primary FPV goggles because they are that good.