Flite Test

Flite Test White Foam Board By Adams (25 Pack)

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Flite Test Foam 25 pack is HERE!

Each board begins with a 3/16" polystyrene foam core, laminated on either side with heavy craft paper. Perfect for our Swappable and Mighty Mini Airplanes! Case includes 25 – 30in x 20in white foam board sheets.

This smaller 25 pack of foam will have you saying YES to scratch building in a heartbeat! ;)  We wanted to bring out a smaller sized package of FT FOAM for our community members that are scattered across the globe.  This will hopefully cut down on a lot of shipping prices and allow for more people to get into this hobby early and cheaply! So, let us know what you think about this smaller package in the reviews tab below, we always love you feedback!



Reviews (1)

Doug M. 24th Feb 2017

Good product - Convenient size packaging

When Adams changed their $Tree foam board I was concerned that I was through with FT scratch-builds. I had no intention of ordering a 50 pack of FT foam as that was way more than I was likely to use in this lifetime. This 25 pack is just the right size. Even with the expense of shipping to California it came in at just over $3.25 per sheet. Granted, that's more than the $2.50 a sheet for the 50 pack and way more than the $1.00 I used to pay at $Tree. But I just built a Storch from scratch for about $15 so it is still a really inexpensive way to build airplanes. The big plus here is the feeling I get that I'm building a far more durable plane than even the best I could expect from the old $Tree board.