Flite Test Tiny Trainer Get Started Package

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The Flite Test Tiny Trainer Ger Started Pack is a perfect step into the world of radio control airplanes. 

The pack consists of everything you will need to get in the air for the first time, including tools that can be used over and over as you continue to grow in the hobby. The Tiny Trainer Get Started Pack is a simplistic approach to allow complete new people interested in the hobby to easily get started and scratch the curiosity itch without much pain of ensuring the components you're buying are all compatible with one another. 

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View the Build Video Below:
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 9 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Tiny Trainer Get Started Package
I am new the the world of RC planes and from looking around online this looked like my best bet and if you tick all the option boxes you will get everything you need to assemble it(if you are a beginner get EXTRA PROPELLERS you will crash and break them). It took me about six hours to assemble(it was my first build so I kept double checking the video) you should use their helpfull youtube video, the printed instructions are difficult to understand. Also build the glider first with the rudder and elevator, it is way easier to learn how to fly it this way. A great beginner plane overall the only reason I didn't give it five stars was because when I crashed it their was no spare foam boards and you can only buy it in packs of 25 min.
once again, if you are a beginner this is a great starter plane
Verified Owner
Tuesday, May 21 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Tiny Trainer Get Started Package
I bought the Tiny Trainer get started package as my first foray into RC planes. I built it over the course of 2 evenings using the build video to guide me, and it went together very well, with only a few unsupplied tools needed (pliers, hot glue gun, exacto knife). I have not built the wings with ailerons yet, but the 3 channel setup seems to work well in both glider and powered modes.

I've only flown for one evening so far, and crashed quite a bit, but the plane is holding up the abuse pretty well. I'm very impressed with the thought that went into this plane. The wings don't damage easily because they are mounted via rubber bands, and the glider nose in particular takes a lot of abuse before repair is needed.

The best thing about this plane, from my perspective so far, is that it's simple to switch from glider to powered modes. That allowed me to practice landing the glider and doing low-speed maneuvers close to ground in the same evening as powered flight at the park, with no tools, switching in just minutes. This is definitely the way to learn, IMO. I can't praise the versatility of tiny trainer enough. I love this thing. The positives vastly outweigh my negatives below.

* Need an option to buy bulk 6x3 CCW replacement props though, because I'm going to go through them pretty fast.
* Transmitter binding did not go well for me, resulting in the motor either spinning out of control, or beeping continuously and not responding to controller input. It refused to work correctly for many attempts, and I still don't know why it started working, but eventually, after many, many tries, worked. I now have no issues, even after re-binding. I can't reproduce my initial issues. The instructions with the Spektrum DXe are do not provide enough troubleshooting information for me to have any idea what I was doing wrong, or if something reset the Transmitter. I think a detailed guide on Spektrum DXe setup and troubleshooting, without the app is needed if it's going to be sold as an add-on item with a beginner-oriented product.
Wednesday, Apr 29 2020 (9 months ago)
Flite Test Tiny Trainer Get Started Package
The instructional videos are very well done and do a great job for young kids (and adults) explaining how to get into this hobby. Me and my nine year old were really excited about FliteTest and giving us something to work on during this “Shelter in-Place”.

We actually called into the support center and talked about which one we should buy. Whether we just do a glider or go all in with a starter kit which includes and engine and EVERYTHING you need to build an actual plan.

There appears to be a ton of pieces and I didn’t want to do the equivalent to a home project where I end up driving back/forth to Home Depot 10 times so we listened to the support staff and ended up buying the starter kit as it included EVERYTHING.

Net/Net - FlitTest did NOT send/include the Engine Fire Wall or the Control Horns to control the wings. FYI.... the engines and all the other materials don’t work without these pieces. In hindsight we should have just went with the glider. Do NOT buy the starter kits if you are looking for ALL of the pieces as you will not get them. You are better off just taking their plans and building on your own as you will not have all the pieces anyways.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 1 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Tiny Trainer Get Started Package
Great product. Love this kit for my first build plane. Can't wait to build and fly it!!. Thank you for your vision of helping others to learn and experience this hobby!!