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Flite Test Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Electric Airplane Kit (940mm)

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The Flite Test Tiny Trainer is a Mighty Mini that is specifically designed to cover all the basics when it comes to RC Flight. Whether you are a beginner yourself, or if you are trying to bring a newcomer into this wonderful hobby, the Tiny Trainer will assist them in making every flight a great experience! This plane can be built and converted into 4 different designs that will guide you through every level of getting started flying.

Interactive Tiny Trainer Build Guide HERE!

Educators, group leaders, and parents looking to make a memory with a loved one can build the Tiny Trainer as a free flight (hand tossed) glider or a powered RC airplane. A little clay in the nose for balance, and your ready to toss the plane back in forth with a friend! Remove the clay and add 2 servos and you have a great 2 channel glider to learn elevator and rudder control. Swap out your glider nose for the powered nose and enter into the world of 3 channel flight. Once you are comfortable with slow lazy eights and graceful loops, remove the polyhedral wing and replace it with the included sport wing. The sport wing will teach you bank and yank skills and enter you into world of aerobatics and precision flight. Install a 3 cell battery and go from cruising to cutting up the sky with vertical lines and exhilarating speed.  

The Tiny Trainer will also get you up to speed with techniques used with all FT designs.  Every technique from "A Folds" to Folding wing airfoils will be used in this one build.

This airframe was developed around our Power Pack A electronics kit which is used with the Mighty Mini Series.

Power Pack Compatibility:     
Flite Test Airplanes are all designed around the use of various "Power Packs" which include an inexpensive Motor, ESC, Servo, & accessory package to complete each aircraft! The compatible power pack is listed below.   

Weight: 6.8 Oz (Fully assembled; without battery)
Wingspan: 37 Inches (940mm)
Center of Gravity: 1.5-1.75 Inches (38-44mm) from leading edge of wing (Recommended)
Control Surface Throws: 16 Degrees
Expo Suggestions: 30%

Kit Includes:

  • Laser-cut Foam Airframe
  • Power Pod (Mini)
  • Firewall (Mini)
  • Push Rods
  • Control Horns
  • Bar-BQ Skewers
  • Velcro
  • Rubber Bands
  • Specification Sheet

Needed to Complete:

  • (1) Brushless Motor: Park 250 2200kV minimum
  • (1+) Propellers: 6x3
  • (1) ESC: 12-20 Amp
  • (1+) Battery: 2S-3S 7.4V-11.1V LiPo 500-800mAh
  • (2-4) Servos: ~5 Gram Micro Servos

This product was added to our catalog on August 2, 2017

Perry Lowe
Average Rating: 5
Friday, Aug 3 2018 (10 months ago)
Flite Test Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Electric Airplane Kit (940mm)
This a great little plane! Iím relatively new to planes and this thing has held up to some major crashes and has only needed a little bit of glue to get back in the air. I think it is a lot of fun to fly as well!
Scott and Logan
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Oct 2 2018 (8 months ago)
Flite Test Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Electric Airplane Kit (940mm)
This little plane was my son and my first project and it turned out great, we had a lot of fun putting it together and it is both super fast and super slow! The video tutorials are great and the plane is durable, needless to say we have crashed it a few times and have been able to repair it and continue flying! When you crash it 10 times, it's time for a new Power Pod! If it is your first plane, buy a few extra fire walls to make another Power Pod.
Steve Woodrough
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Oct 9 2018 (7 months ago)
Flite Test Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Electric Airplane Kit (940mm)
Great parent child build project. Flies great, and no real bad habits with the simple wing. Can pretty much stomp on the rudder and away it turns. Wing and overall design penetrates the wind pretty well too. Another great FT design.
Brad Baell
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Monday, May 6 2019 (3 weeks ago)
Flite Test Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Electric Airplane Kit (940mm)
This was a great father/daughter project. My 12 year old was nervous about flying and potentially crashing some of my more expensive planes. I stumbled upon the Flite Test aircraft and have been having a blast with the Tiny Trainer and the Mustang. The Tiny Trainer was easy to assemble, both wings fly great and the foam board build can take more punishment than I thought. I was able to take the Fly, Crash Repair, Repeat mantra and put it into practice with her. She is enjoying the learning experience and she has gotten over the fear of crashing and damaging the plane.

Love what you are doing at Flite Test!
Jeffrey Park
Average Rating: 5
Wednesday, Mar 13 2019 (2 months ago)
Flite Test Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Electric Airplane Kit (940mm)
Today was the first day I've flown an RC plane of any kind in over 10 years. I used to be heavily involved in the hobby years ago and loved building planes and flying them, but moving, life, work... I'll save you from the boring stories of adulting. I bought the Mini Trainer in 2016 and set it aside till this last week when I blew off the dust assembled the plane following the incredibly helpful Youtube video and took her out for her maiden flight early this morning. To say I was nervous would be a grand understatement, but the instant I tossed the Tiny Trainer into the air, all my worries were gone. this thing flies like a dream. I built the 3 channel version and had zero issue flying the plane. a little up and right trim and she was flying straight and solid. First flight in over ten years and I was doing loops, big lazy rolls as well as inverted flight. I can't wait to build the 4 channel wing and get back out there and run a bunch of batteries through her.
Mohan Hathi
Average Rating: 5
Monday, Mar 4 2019 (3 months ago)
Flite Test Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Electric Airplane Kit (940mm)
I've had a lot of bad luck in the past building my own foamboard airplanes but the FT Tiny Trainer has completely changed that! It was super easy and fast to assemble and flies beautifully (slow and stable) with the trainer wing. I would highly recommend this for anyone getting into the hobby because it helps you learn basic build and flight techniques. Thank you Flite Test for this amazing design!!!