Flite Test Goblin "Maker Foam" Electric Airplane Kit (760mm)

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Part# FLT-1147
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Flite Test Goblin "Maker Foam" Electric Airplane Kit (760mm)

now made with Maker Foam! The FT Goblin was born from a collaboration between FliteTest and ReadyMade RC to create a foamboard version of their STRIX Goblin, a high-performance FPV plane. This plane fills the gap between the STRIX Goblin and the Nano Goblin in both size and speed, as it is scaled to fly off of motors commonly found on race quads. Coupled with the FT Goblin’s ability to carry a wide range of batteries, it can be set up as a light, sporty flier or as a long range FPV platform.

In fitting with the Goblin tradition, it has been designed with FPV in mind; each kit includes an optional carbon fiber camera mount that can fit all standard sizes of FPV cameras. The FT Goblin offers the great flying experience of the original STRIX Goblin in an approachable package, sure to suit the needs of both sport fliers and FPV enthusiasts alike.


Maker Foam Features:

  • White color is much easier to add a simple trim scheme using stickers or pinstripes    
  • Translucent allowing models to be creatively lit from within
  • Takes paint or decals extremely well    
  • More durable than previous Flite Test foam products

Wingspan: 760mm
Flying Weight: 450g

Needed to Complete:

  • (1) Motor: 2205-2306 Size (2300-2700kV) 
  • (1) ESC: EMX-SC-0099
  • (2) Servos: FLT-3032
  • (1+) Battery: 11.1-14.8V 1300-2200mAh 3s-4s LiPo Battery (With XT-60 Connector) 
  • (1+) Propeller
  • (1) 2.4GHZ Radio System (Radio & Receiver)
  • Misc. Building Supplies.

This product was added to our catalog on June 3, 2020

Tuesday, Jul 28 2020 (7 weeks ago)
Flite Test Goblin "Maker Foam" Electric Airplane Kit (760mm)
The plane was easy to build, but the ESC didn't fit with the battery I ordered even though it was one of the batteries recommended for this specific plane and f pack. I had to call flite test after waiting about half a day for them to call me back, to which they told me I had to go buy a connecter for the battery to fit with the ESC (as if I haven't bought/spent enough on this one plane). Also with the new makers foam version of this plane one of the most important parts didn't have a crease made out for the hatch, like it did in the video. On top of that I didn't like the fact that you couldn't combine all the orders, but instead have to pay for 2+ sets of shipping. So if you don't want to go through a headache and spend a lot of money DON'T GO WITH THIS PLANE.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jul 14 2020 (2 months ago)
Flite Test Goblin "Maker Foam" Electric Airplane Kit (760mm)
This was my 2nd flitetest kit. I like the goblins, and talons and darts and those sort of planes, so this was a fun plane to get. I'm a beginner pilot and my building skills "need improvement" but this went together fairly easily. Hardest part for me was learning the bending/forming technique for the nose. FT does give two noses in this kit, and I am using the 2nd one I built up. With these kits costing <$40 for the plane, I'm learning and not minding if I have to repeat a build.

It flew and survived its maiden though it wasn't pretty. But I attribute that to my build and flying skills. Using a 4ch basic spektrum receiver I had to work to keep it in the air. I found my build to be quite/very nose heavy using the FT recommendation, and had to move the battery back over an inch from the initial placement, to get to stay in the air... further tweaks will be needed. Flew it on a 3S and kept it under full throttle, using a 5x4x3 prop. It cruised with that setting and would probably scream pretty fast on a 4S setup. (future tests)

The kit is good, and the power packs work well. I feel the control rods/linkages are undersized. I think they are 1.2mm rods. I replaced them with heavier control rods. This adds about 0.5g of weight and are worth it. The 9G analog servos work and are pretty affordable.

I find it much more fun to maiden and fly a home build kit, vs a BNF/PNP plane, so hat's off to FT and the work they have done putting these kits together. I am waiting for the simple stick to be released. That is the next project I want to work on.