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Flite Test FT STEM EZ-Power Pack 2 Channel

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Flite Test FT STEM EZ-Power Pack 2 Channel


The FT EZ Power Pack 2 Channel (2CH) is designed to give you success on your first and every flight with FT EZ3 planes or your own design.   

The 2CH power pack is the platform for FT STEM beginner flight experiences.  It has the same elements of more advanced systems - transmitter, receiver, motors and a flight stabilizer.  However, they are simplified and integrated so all you have to do is attach it to a plane, turn it on and launch.  

The transmitter and receiver bind automatically when the transmitter and aircraft are turned on and the throttle is cycled.  The throttle controls the pitch (up/down) as the aircraft speeds up and slows down.  Differential thrust is used to control the yaw (left/right) direction.  The two rate settings provide an option so that virtually anyone can have success the first time (low rates) or an option to turn it up a notch to test the skills of any pilot or wanna-be designer (high rates).    

This power pack is compatible with all FT STEM products listed below.  Learn about the basics of flight and how to design your own aircraft using FT STEM Project EZ bundles.  The bundles include everything that you need to fly and a lesson guide that guides your discovery and ends with a design challenge.  Compare your designs to the creations of Josh Bixler.

Note:  In strong winds, planes equipped with this power pack have been observed to make un-commanded landings on roofs, to conduct random inspections of leaves on the upper branches of tall trees or to enter low-earth orbit.   


  • Multi-Axis Gyro Stability System with Two Flight Modes
  • Reliable 2.4 GHZ Control System 
  • Efficient and powerful dual-motor control
    • Differential thrust for yaw (left/right) control
    • Throttle for pitch (up/down) control 
  • Automatic binding between transmitter and receiver
  • Range up to 400m
  • Connections and remote on/off control for optional LEDs


  • Transmitter 
  • Integrated Receiver / Motor Control / Stabilization Board
  • 3.7V 300mAh LiPo battery
  • (2) Brushed motors (Left & Right)
  • (2) Spare props
  • Prop removal tool
  • USB LiPo battery charging cable

Needed to Complete:

  • (3) AA Batteries 


The EZ Power Pack 2CH is compatible with these FT STEM products:

  • FT Freighter 
  • FT EZ3 First Flyers, Space Flyers and Jets 
  • Project EZ BasiX Bundle 
  • Project EZ Space Flite 
  • Project EZ Jets
  • FT EZ LED Set


*Optional info for advanced users*

The EZ-power Pack is compatible with Multiprotocol radios such as the RadioMaster TX16s and Zorro 4in1. Use the below settings to bind if you do not wish to use the included transmitter.





  • No instructions!

    Posted by Rodney Fuller on 24th Nov 2022

    Love the concept, but in practice...there were no instructions included and no notification on where to find instructions online! I installed this system on a foam glider and it wants to do a lateral cartwheel. I suspect that it needs to be installed with the card pointing up, so will try that, but why not instructions?

  • Great product

    Posted by Mason Ziroli on 24th Oct 2022

    For the price this pack has unlimited possibilities to build your own plane designs.

    Tip: if the motor starts making a weird squeaking noise that dose not sound normal, some WD-40 works great.

  • Such a good value

    Posted by Brendan Mowery on 20th May 2022

    We like to get white and color our own graphics with markers. We started with the EZ BasiX Bundle. It’s a great starter pack and great value. You will love all of the designs!
    I have purchase and flown with 5 of these all inclusive kits; each one has performed absolutely flawlessly. They are super robust and so affordable and fun.

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