Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)

Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
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The FT Micro Beaver was chosen as one of FT's first micro aircraft because of its time tested reliability and amazing flight characteristics. Every detail of this aircraft was inspired by civilian workhorses of the Alaskan frontier, the FT Micro Beaver is the perfect blend of scale details and functionality. With it’s 640mm wingspan and stable design, this is one of the few micro aircraft that we would say could be flown in light to moderate wind. This aircraft is the perfect size to enjoy in a small or large flying area and in some scenarios, could even be flown indoors. Being well under 250g, it does not need to be registered in many countries. For your convenience, a receiver quick connect kit has been included to make connecting your receiver as simple as possible. Regardless of your radio system of choice, you can easily enjoy this aircraft regardless of what protocol they are using.


  • Realistic panel lines
  • Under 250g
  • Magnetic hatch
  • Simple construction
  • Included Float Kit
  • Tail dragger landing gear
  • Steerable water rudder
  • Steerable tail wheel
  • 4 channels: throttle, ailerons, elevator and rudder.
  • Optional flaps  

Flight Time: 8-12 minutes
Flying Weight: 152g
Motor: Micro Brushless
Wingspan: 640mm


  • (3) servo adapters
  • (1) ESC adapter
  • (1) Propeller
  • (1) Metal Spinner

Needed to complete: 

  • (1) 2.4GHz Transmitter & Matching 4+ Channel Receiver
  • (1+) 2S 7.4V 550-620mAh LiPo Battery
  • (1) LiPo Battery Balance Charger 
  • Misc. building tools
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 14 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Overall nice airplane. Mine arrived with a bad servo. Frustrating to make repairs right out of the box. My UMX Timber seems to be a better buy with an included receiver and higher quality.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 19 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Nice plane, great looking and really like it that floats were included. The magnetic battery cover is a wonderful touch. Would have like the flap servos to have been included.
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 28 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
It’s been quite a while since I purchased an RC aircraft, so I got really excited when I saw that Flitetest was releasing their own small receiver ready aircraft. My other micros, have quite a bit of flight time on them, and I wanted my next purchase to be versatile enough to be flown indoors and out. The wingspan of the assembled plane is very similar to that of the Sport Cub S. The Beaver arrived in a large brown box with some pretty cool line drawings on the side. Opening the box, I found the plane was well packaged and arrived undamaged. The plane is easily assembled from three main sections; the fuselage, floats, and wing. Also in the box are the instructions and several parts bags including the landing gear, wing struts, propeller, and servo adapters. Right away, I couldn’t help but admire the scale detail and simple but sleek paint lines. I’ll admit that at first I was underwhelmed by the simple blue and white scheme, but the silver floats are a nice touch, and this model screams for a classic bush plane paint job or maybe just some good weathering.
The assembly instructions are clear and well thought out, and you will have no issues putting this plane together if you follow along closely. I am using an unstabilized 6 channel Lemon RX DSM2 feather light receiver, due to their size and cost.
One of the awesome features of the FT Beaver is ease of access to the internal component areas via magnetic hatches. Anyone who’s owned a micro in the past will know how difficult installing a receiver, or even a battery can be, in these very small models. For the maiden flight we went to a nearby school with a large paved parking area. A quick check of the wind reported slight gusts of 8-10mph. Flitetest recommends a 2 cell 550-620mAh battery, but the only 2 cell I had at the time was a rather large 800mah battery. The extra weight didn’t seem to be a problem, and probably helped slightly with the gusting wind. The first thing I noticed was the amazing ground handling. Even though the wheels look less robust than other micro’s they handled the pavement very well, and the tailwheel gives it a great turn radius. Takeoff was uneventful with only slight rudder to correct for the slipstream. Pre-flight, I only added 30% expo, leaving all other transmitter settings in their default state. Only slightly nose up trim was required to compensate for the heavier battery. If it hadn’t been for the wind gusts, I would have easily been able to fly straight and level with hands off the controls.
This plane has plenty of power for the expected flight envelope. It’s not an aerobatic plane, but it handled inverted flight quite well. With the higher battery weight, it had less than a 1:1 thrust ratio, and pure vertical climbs ended with snap hammerhead turns. My favorite part of flying these small planes is the landings, and the FT Beaver doesn’t disappoint. Touch and go’s are a lot of fun too. Even without the optional flaps, it floated to the runway with the power set only slightly above idle. After about 6 ½ minutes of normal flight, both cells were at 3.84v.

The FT Beaver has great Scale Detail, and represents it’s iconic wilderness namesake well. It has the Versatility of both indoor and outdoor operations. Magnetic Hatch Access makes for easy battery installation and removal. I look forward to exploring all the Configuration Options and adding the optional floats and flaps. While offering without a receiver offers greater compatibility, and choices for stabilization or other options, it also has the disadvantage of more advanced setup for beginners, and additional cost. Also, while this model is the same size as many other micro aircraft, the box cannot be used to store the aircraft after assembly. As Flitetest’s first entry into the micro receiver ready aircraft market, The FT Beaver is a detailed model with a great feature set, and solid flight characteristics. With all the optional configurations and potential customizations, this plane has something for everyone to enjoy.

Scale Detail
Magnetic Hatch Access
Configuration Options
Receiver choice allows for compatibility and options like stabilization

No Receiver = advanced setup & additional cost
No storage box
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 20 2020 (6 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Great service, great plane, shipping was really fast!
Verified Owner
Saturday, May 23 2020 (9 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Easy to bind. good instructions. Carefully packaged. Nice little flyer.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Apr 16 2020 (11 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Did the maiden today. I installed a FT Aura 5. Good flyer, but it takes some speed to get going. But then it really goes. I've need to get the controls sorted out, a touch to twitchy for me. With the 6 axis on you can fly all day relaxing.
Verified Owner
Monday, Feb 24 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
The airplane was great - looks good. I ordered the plane and two batteries. Unfortunately, when I asked online about the recommended battery for this plane the flight test representative recommended the 650mah 7.4v with xt30 plug which I now have two that don't work with the plane and had to go to my local hobby store to get one that would fit.
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 14 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Arrived today, fuselage damaged because of the packaging , squeezed too much , and landing gear broken ...
A bit sad, brand new and damaged because of the packaging . Maybe need to review how it’s boxed .
Waiting for support to reply to my email and see what they can do.
Sad we cannot post photo in the review
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 21 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
I have to say that the packaging is amazing! No chance anything was going to move during transit.
The assembly wasn't bad. The directions lacked some info which left me having to figure some things out.
There are no insights into where to place the receiver and battery and I'm having a hard time figuring out where exactly to place them. They don't quite fit between the motor and servos
The model looks great with plenty of detail.
I have yet to fly the plane so I cannot comment on flight characteristics.
What would have been nice is if the model was packaged in such a way that I could store the finished model in the box for safe keeping and travels, much like the Horizon UMX planes are packaged.
I have the UMX Timber which I feel was the better deal. It came with receiver and flaps installed. It is a great trainer plane.
Flite Test: the Horizon products are your competition. Let's out do them!
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 21 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Been a Flitetest fan for quite a while now and I think Josh has been a great promoter of the hobby. Sorry to say I can not recommend this plane though. For a high wing plane it is not very "floaty" as one would expect, and requires much more speed to both fly and land then it should. I actually had to enlarge the wing surface to help this. Also, I was excited to put the floats on and do my first water takeoff in many years. To my surprise the propeller actually hits the water! Seriously, did no one in product development ever try the floats?! Sorry to say but I am disappointed.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, May 27 2020 (9 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Beaver Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
My first experience with Flite Test, and it's been very frustrating. I looked high and low for a transmitter for this because one wasn't recommended on the product page even though the receiver and battery pack were. So I ordered a transmitter that Flite Test said worked with mini aircraft. It didn't. When I contacted customer support, the rep I got didn't even look up the order # that I had given to tell me that the transmitter and receiver wouldn't work together. It took 20 minutes of trouble shooting for him to figure that out when he had the information in front of him the whole time. So now I'm left waiting an additional week before my very disappointed son can fly his plane with his new (more expensive) transmitter. And Flite Test is giving me no break on the shipping, either for returning the first transmitter or getting the new one.

If you use this company, you better hope nothing is wrong with the plane, or you'll be the one stuck paying with both time and money for their mistakes and misleading website content. Oh, and it will take about 3 weeks between when you order your plane and you actually get to fly it.

If my son decides to pursue this hobby further, I'll be looking for a different company to do business with.