Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)

Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
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This is the Flite Test Micro Adventure Electric Airplane. The crew at Flite Test absolutely love civilian aircraft, and thanks to the incredible experience with the FT Commuter, FT decided to bring something similar to the PNP design. The FT Adventure has the subtle flight characteristics that you would expect from a classic, high wing trainer design and also has plenty of power and efficiency to enjoy long flight times. Versatility is really important to FT, so FT designed the Adventure to be able to fly off of a tricycle gear, as a tail dragger or even fly off water and snow with the included float kit. The FT Adventure looks just as good up close as it does in the air with a paint scheme that is not often seen in micro model aircraft. Flite Test wanted the people to feel like a version of this airplane could be found one day in their own hanger. This aircraft is the perfect size to enjoy in a small or large flying area and in some scenarios, could even be flown indoors. Being well under 250g, it does not need to be registered in many countries. For your convenience, a receiver quick connect kit has been included to make connecting your receiver as simple as possible. Regardless of your radio system of choice, you can easily enjoy this aircraft regardless of what protocol they are using. The Micro Adventure could also be a really fun FPV platform by adding a small video transmitter.



  • Realistic panel lines
  • Under 250g
  • Magnetic hatch
  • Simple construction
  • Included Float Kit
  • Tail dragger and tricycle landing gear
  • Steerable water rudder
  • 4 channels: throttle, ailerons, elevator and rudder.
  • Optional flaps  

Flight Time: 8-12 minutes
Flying Weight: 152g
Motor: Micro Brushless
Wingspan: 640mm 


  • (3) servo adapters
  • (1) ESC adapter
  • (1) Propeller
  • (1) Metal Spinner

 Needed to complete:

  • (1) 2.4GHz Transmitter & Matching 4+ Channel Receiver
  • (1+) 2S 7.4V 550-620mAh LiPo Battery
  • (1) LiPo Battery Balance Charger
  • Misc. building tools

Verified Owner
Wednesday, May 27 2020 (8 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
First flight today and the Adventure flies like a small plane. Very touchy controls and easily overpowered by slight breezes. FT’s attempt to make the airplane “true to scale” Is evident in that it must fly fast to produce enough lift to not stall. Aerodynamics do not scale. The plane stalls violently and is prone to wing dip. Yaw-roll coupling is terrible. I added a slight amount of rudder in the turns and the inside wing dipped considerably. Additionally, the conventional landing gear are too short and a prop strike occurred at a normal takeoff attitude.
Overall the Adventure looks nice and the receiver ready feature is awesome. However, the attempt at keeping the plane scale-like with such a small wing area and high wing loading results in a high stall speed and poor flight characteristics.

Receiver: Frsky GXR-6
Batt: 2s 350mAh
CG: 25mm
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 17 2020 (8 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
The kit was packaged very well, received in very good order considering I live in New Zealand. The Adventure is a beautifully crafted model and all the parts that come with it are well designed. The kit is easy constructed is a short amount of time. Even a first time to the hobby should find it easy. Think the instructions should also refer to the tech build video to further assist. Found the model nicely trimmed and flys brilliantly. Thanks Flite Test!
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 14 2020 (9 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Very well built model. I’m just getting into the hobby myself but have experience flying similar models. Love the functionality of this plane and have plans to add the flap system later. Sturdy as well, except for the plastic cowling. Had a rough maiden flight where my elevator was flipped. Only damage taken was the cowling that broke in half. Rest of the systems work perfectly still (and changed the elevator) so very durable. With the pontoons, the push rod for rudder control is too flexible and does not move the rudder. Finally, compartment for the battery is definitely suitable for what was shown in tutorial, but can fit the tattu-2s Lipo battery 45c 7.4v 800mah with a snug fit and no drastic change for CG. Overall really like the plane to learn.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 11 2020 (6 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
The plane I purchased is really is a cool piece. I do like it. I can't comment on flying it because there is a problem with the battery or charging system that prevents it from flying. I was however given the telephone number for Horizon Hobby (877) 504-0233 to try to resolve the issue myself. Maybe they can help.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 9 2020 (7 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
This was an amazing bird to fly! I've was going to the beach for the week and brought this plane with me. Went out to the dunes and used the floats off from the loose sand and it took off beautifully. I'm a very novice flyer and had a blast with the Adventure. Easy handling even without the Aura board. Had a bit of a crash with a rock but I was able to repair with nothing more then a Flite Test sticker and some hot glue! These guys and gals at Flite Test really struck out with this one!
Verified Owner
Monday, Jun 15 2020 (7 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
The plane is great. Takes 30 min to prep, then its airworthy. I recommend using the floats to take off from short grass.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 12 2020 (11 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
New plane all finished and ready the maiden flights ?
Flite Test Advantage EP Beautiful plane 181 grams with 2S 500 mAh battery and pontoons installed. Easy to put together, Really like the color and trim. Going to fly without flaps and see how well it does. Maybe install later. Wing is easy to install with 1 screw. 1st time running the motor it seems a little hot. Spinner is very warm. Will check it again after a few flights. Would be nice if the flap servos were optional when purching the plane. If flaps are not going to be used then you will need to secure them permently in the up position. Would be nice if a cut out tab was already molded in place so the didn't move. If you did want to use flaps then all you would have to do is cut the molded tap and and us them.
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 7 2020 (12 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
not that easy to place the battery because of the rod from the front wheel to the servo. 3s 650 is a bit big for it.
Also I am using the floats and the water rudder barely move while connected following the construction.

Indeed pretty nice to have float + tail wheel + front wheel all in one so you can choose what you want.
Foam seems to be good quality
Great plane easy to build.
I was able to put AR620 6-Channel RC Sport Receiver inside, removing it from its box.
also if you plan to go on the water, don't forget a bit of corrosion-X
Verified Owner
Friday, Oct 23 2020 (3 months ago)
Flite Test FT Micro Adventure Electric PNP Airplane (640mm)
Hallo aus Deutschland erstmal.

Habe das Flugzeg bestellt da es doch um einiges günstiger war als in deutschland hier umgerechnet ca 105€ / in deutsche4n shops 140€ habe 3 wochen gewartet dann kam das paket endlich und bin sehr überzeugt tolles flugzeug schön verarbeitet alles mit vielen optionen auf jeden fall kaufempfehlung vorallem für das geld