Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)

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The FT Freedom Fox is the result of a collaboration between FliteTest and our dear friend Trent Palmer. Trent inspires us and thousands of others through sharing his amazing flying adventures every week on his YouTube channel. His video content not only celebrates flight, but how it connects with his family and friends. We wanted to work with Trent to create an RC model version of his beautiful Kitfox that not only flies the same as the real one but is capable of easily recreating the same iconic maneuvers and STOL landings and take offs. Both Trent and FliteTest share a passion to see the world of aviation grow and hope that the FT Freedom Fox will both be a joy to fly and a reason to dream bigger.  

We cannot thank Trent enough for giving us the opportunity to bring the Freedom Fox to you in a size that can be enjoyed at your local flying field or even a small park. This aircraft is capable yet very forgiving in the air. We have also included two wing tip options that will enable you to go from classic STOL (Short Takeoff or Landing) to sport and aerobatic flying. We are confident that the FT Freedom Fox will become a favorite for pilots of every skill level. Your support in purchasing the FT Freedom Fox not only helps to grow the vision and mission of FliteTest but helps to support Trent in creating inspirational content that will grow the world of flight.

Josh Bixler

"Stop making excuses. Start making memories."
-Trent Palmer


  • Interchangeable wingtips: The FT Freedom Fox comes with two sets of wing setups, allowing you to achieve maximum STOL performance or sportier high-speed flight performance.  
  • Functional Nav Lights: A proper set of navigation lights is critical to keep the backcountry fun going late into the evening.
  • Functional bush wheels: A set of huge soft wheels are critical when you are touching down in the most unforgiving landing zones. 
  • Steerable tail wheel: When it comes to back country flying, being able to maneuver on the ground is just as important as being able to maneuver through the sky. 
  • Fully articulating landing gear: The key ingredients to a good bush plane are slow flight capabilities and a beefy landing gear. The FT Freedom Fox has them both!
  • Powerful 1250kv motor 
  • 30 Amp ESC with 40 Amp Burst 2-3S LiPo 
  • All servos and linkages preinstalled
  • Easy to Assemble, no glue or tape required

STOL Wingspan: 1250mm
Speedster Wingspan: 1100MM 
Flying Weight: 1156g
Length: 965mm 


  • Motor
  • 30A ESC
  • Propeller 
  • Wheels
  • Servos and linkages  

 Needed to complete:

  • (1+) Battery: 3S 11.1V LiPo 2200mAh with XT60 connector
  • (1) 2.4GHZ Radio System (Radio & Receiver)
  • Misc. Building Supplies.

This product was added to our catalog on August 19, 2020

Friday, Jul 17 2020 (2 months ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
I think it looks nice with two blades. five stars to help balance out that bozos three star review on a plane that hasn't been released yet ??
Friday, Jul 24 2020 (9 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
You’ve got to be a special kind of stupid to leave a negative review on a plane that hasn’t even released yet just because you don’t like the prop?!?! Some people are just ridiculous.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 27 2020 (4 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
TERRIBLE ELECTRONICS! THIS THING CAUGHT ON FIRE TODAY! THE MOTOR WIRES MELTED AND BOTH ESC AND MOTOR WERE MELTING AFTER THE FIRST FLIGHT THIS MORNING! The design is great its just like real thing but come on Josh and the flite test crew for 260 bucks you put this garbage servos and cheap esc and motor! Its the same esc as in the arrows bigfoot! If horizon can include all the good stuff including a bind n fly rx in their models than you guys are really making yourselves look like idiots with this deal!
Verified Owner
Friday, Aug 28 2020 (4 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
It pains me to write this, I was so excited for this plane as I love the FT team and vids also enjoy Trent Palmers vids as well. That's where the excitement ends. build was easy, installed radio and batt within and hour of receiving....took pics, showed friends checked and rechecked function, CG, controls....she's ready. flew like utter dog crap! luckily landed it with sweaty finger tips and elevated heart rate. I thought it must need more weight up front because of the way it flew. put my 3S 2200 as far forward as possible and gave it a go, much better till a high speed irrecoverable spin happened and landed in a tree. to my surprise zero damage so i could try again. much more ready, I made a few circuits and landings but still not impressed. next day, new flight made a full flight with OK results still not confident in how the plane fly's. still had plenty of voltage and felt like I'm confident enough to give it another go, upon take off a severe right roll strait into the ground... I'm so pissed I almost stomped the plane into the ground. I feel this plane is not what it should be and not impressed with the flying characteristics at all. I'm not a new pilot as Ive flown for over 20 years, planes, heli's drone's, jet's. I feel it's safe to say I have the experience to have good flights and how to fly. waste of money IMO
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 27 2020 (4 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
Mine arrived in perfect condition. However the way it was packaged leaves much to be desired. Overpriced for cheap landing gear etc. Some say it flies. Mine did not. I have 40 years on the sticks, helis, drones, cars, boats etc. My friend is the same. Neither of us could get this plane to fly without seizures. So those of you that do consider yourselves lucky cause its a great looking plane. May as well go buy some lottery tickets cause you got lucky.

Something defective and the plane was very unstable. Be careful if you fly and have a large open space. I lost mine to a tree but FT has stepped up with a refund. Will be glad to buy at later date when they determine flaws and get through china cheap parts.

First flight it instantly rolled right and straight into the ground. Checked her out again and found the CG correct and all control surfaces were good. Plane held up good and no damage. Remaining flights took off ok and started scale climb outs. Landings were way too tricky for a STOL aircraft. This design is off or if this is how the real plane flies Trent is in trouble. Last flight instantly nose high then stall. Recovered but very unstable so attempted to land. Seems like the elevator broke loose but wont be able to tell as the plane is 100 feet up in a tree and never coming down. First plane ever lost into a tree in 40 years and it makes me a little salty.

I wont ever give horizon hobby grief again. After this experience their planes are way more advanced and quality is top notch compared to this SKYARTEC clone with a paint job. However said paint job was awful quality and wing ribs were peeling off out of the box. I had such high hopes squashed in seconds.

Trent I would seriously oversee QC on this one moving forward!

Update: got her out of the tree, upon further inspection the speed control and motor wires were melted together. Could explain sporadic controls and motor. The elevator also separated as I expected. I wont give up and will order another plane in the coming months as I can sense there were some manufacturing defects and poor QC with the first batch.

Still don't think it is even close to being worth $249 but that remains to be seen.
Brian Phillips or RC Saylors need to do an unbiased review on this as I so believe they can provide some insight on whats really happening with this plane. I have a feeling all of these 5 star review are FT friends and family.

Good luck out there and fly safe!
Verified Owner
Sunday, Aug 30 2020 (3 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
4th flight and disgusted. I was so eager to get this plane and represent. If this model is a scale representation of the true flight characteristics of a kitfox I would say they are death traps. I'm done with it. I can't believe I paid $270 for something I had absolutely zero fun flying (or trying not to crash) and is basically junk now. Its repairable but I'm not going to bother. Cant get replacement gear for it yet anyway. I've built the Master Series Corsair and the P-38 and they are more capable and have far more fun value to me. Ive got 20 foam electric planes and love them all. Buying this was a mistake. And stop giving five stars for something you haven't even tried flying yet people.
Saturday, Aug 29 2020 (3 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
Got it as a birthday present. Something is terribly wrong with it. It is the least controllable plane ever. Looks and feels like it’s having a seizure in the air. Tried changing the CG a few times. Tried different pilots, no luck
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 9 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
I'm really impressed with the appearance of the ready to fly airplanes from flitetest! The freedom fox turned out great! Ive had problems with the ESCs that the models come with though. 1 caught fire in my seaduck, and 2 went bad in the widgeon g44 I just purchased, was not the receiver or the battery. The rudder servo went out on my first flight of the widgeon. I used the recommended batteries purchased from flitetest. Josh B, I recommend using better electronics, the cheap ESCs have cost me a couple receivers already.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Sep 8 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
I think very highly of Flite Test and Josh Bixler but this plane fall short of the standards I have grown to expect. The first thing I noticed was that the balck paint was chipping off at the leading edge of the Fuse. The black paint was also gone where the thumb screws attach to the Fuse to hold the wing on. The Landing gear spring fell out of the plastic housing on one wheel and the gear was gvery difficult to put into the provided slots. The blue paint on the wing tips, both of them, is not the same shade as the wing, The battery hatch is goning to show wear in a very short time as you have to press quite hard to grip the hatch to remove it over the hold of the rather strong magnets. The paint job is one reason i was attracted to this plane but upon close inspection I can see wear already and the plane has not even had a flight. Another problem is that I can't get the aura5to bind to my DX8 transmitter
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Sep 8 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
I started in U-Control when 6. First R/C in 1969 {51yr}.Fly scale gas mainly.

First impressions -great looking model. assembled easily and all parts fit. first flight-remember this is a SCALE model.
Ensure you have airspeed before lifting off. T/O was great and minimum trim required. Landings, maintain some power till touchdown. handles grass well, thick 3" at my field. May flip over on landing if not enough flair. Fun to fly.

Landing gear has weak spot. Bungees have failed on mine after the eleven flight and bunches of T&Gs. The bungees do not return to their retracted positions, which has model setting at an angle, not level left to right and no cushion on landings. Landing on hard surfaces, dirt, pavement, expedite this condition as bungees extend to their max extension if you land to slow and bounce it on landing while learning the model's characteristics, even a little bounce. This happens even thought the touchdown does not appear to be ruff. Also the RED struts popped off their upper attachment point if landing too hard. Easy to reattach. Recommend stronger springs inside bungees. Will attempt to repair or mod bungees to be stronger.

For as small as the motor and ESC are they produce over 300 watts with the 10-4.5 prop provided. Would be nice to have more so you can flight closer to 1/2 throttle at cruise. This motor weighs 2.3oz, really light for the power produced. Cruise flight required aprox 2/3-3/4 throttle. WILL CLIMB almost vertical at full power. I'm at 900'agl. After flight the motor is too hot to keep your finger on it. Six minutes on 2200 3s 30c with aprox 15%-20% left and quite warm. 35C 30%-40% did better. RECOMMEND A 350-400 WATT 1250kv-1400KV MOTOR TO ALLOW FOR COOLER RUNNING. A motor/ESC capable of 3s and 4s batteries also.

Fuselage needs and air exit for motor cooling, there are none present.

thanks for your time
Tuesday, Sep 8 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
I bought the G-44 Widgeon and absolutely love it. That's why I bought the Freedom Fox. I'm sorry I did. On it's first flight, after 5 minutes of easy flying, the motor was burning hot... far too hot to touch. I'm working through getting it replaced, but I'm very disappointed.

Also, when I took the wing off after 1 flight, a lot of the black paint on the fuselage, front and back, came off. Overall, the finish is not very good. The finish is very easily scratched. For a plane at this price, it should be better.

Overall, the plane flies pretty good.

Verified Owner
Tuesday, Sep 8 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
The Bad......Poor packaging for shipment. No styrofoam used! Aircraft fuselage had broken loose from flimsy sponge foam stringers damaging rudder and Rudder tail LED light bent 90 degrees to rudder. Paint/Faux window covering material scraped off where Wing attachment points drug across bottom of box. No major damage, but could have been much worse. Skimpy written instructions and poor quality low resolution photos of assembly....very hard to see. Rudder and Elevator servo leads were not marked or tabbed and you cannot figure out which is which until you plug in a receiver.

The Good....Easy assembly, all parts fit well. Servo installation and linkage well done! Long wing/Short wing advantages yet to be tried out, but can’t wait. So far, I love this airplane!

Only serious criticism is packaging....Must protect aircraft better for shipment!
Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 5 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
Have about 20 batteries on it. Plane flies well. However, you MUST get good ground speed before you rotate for takeoff. Too slow and you'll surpass critical angle and stall, resulting in an abrupt roll left or right. Alternately, let it gain speed, roll-out, and it will lift-off with almost no rotation required. Not very STOL-like but much less likely to stall. Choice is up the the pilot. I fly at 6600' so the air density is pretty light. Even so, the motor after an 8 minute flight (2200 mah battery) is quite warm, dare I say hot? I would think in the thin air the motor would not work as hard to turn the screw. Still functional, just something to watch. After 8 minutes the 2200 mah battery still has around 30% left, so I fly pretty casual on the throttle. Oh yes, I use the longer wing configuration.

It would be nice to include manufacturers' paint codes so the blue, red, and black could be touched-up when needed. It is a very good looking plane and it would be nice to keep it that way. The black covering does peel easily but a black sharpie does a pretty good job touching-up.

Landing gear is holding up well landing on un-maintained dirt road (rocks, washboard, divots) in spite of the plastic accessory parts. Tougher than they look I guess!

The rudder servo does not re-center well. Before you trim the aileron, try a "bump" of rudder correction. It may center better afterwards. I was huntin' trim all over the place until I figured that out.

Enjoy the flyn'!
Verified Owner
Monday, Aug 31 2020 (3 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
I had the opportunity to do the maiden flight of my Flite Test Freedom Fox last Sunday. It was windier than I would have liked, but that's what it was. The flight was successful – the aircraft arrived and departed the field in the same number of pieces. More importantly, the pieces were in the same order!

Assembly was simple and could probably be done in just minutes, not counting radio setup. I installed a 7 channel Lemon Stabilizer Plus receiver and used a Spektrum 3S 2200 battery positioned roughly ¾ inch behind the motor mount. The center of gravity - measured at 44mm per the manual - was perfect with the battery in that position. I used the 'long' wingtips for the flight. I also programmed flaperons into my DX9.

Some of the reviews I've read mention sluggishness, a tendency to stall, and instability. I can only comment on my own experiences. I found the Freedom Fox to be an easy flier, stable and predictable. That being said, it does have its own flight characteristics. Of course, I have seven high-wing, 'bush-style' planes and no two of them fly exactly alike.

It was windy for the maiden flight and the plane needed more throttle than I expected heading into the wind. Rolls require elevator input or you lose quite a bit of altitude. Loops were clean and easy. Even without flaps, landing was fairly easy, though as I mentioned it was gusty so the maiden landing was rather 'bouncy'.

My particular plane - and others I've read – came with damage to the rudder/light caused by the fuselage shifting inside the packaging. The paint finish, especially the blue, is somewhat spotty and inconsistent. However, I must say, the overall impression you get of this model is very positive. All my flying buddies commented on the striking appearance of the Freedom Fox.

Because of the damage on mine, I mixed up a batch of touch-up paint. As it turns out the match was almost perfect. The match was so close that I decided to paint the rudder and elevator servos, pushrods, and control horns. As you can see in the picture showing the planes inside my car, the servos 'almost' disappear.

I have mixed thoughts on the landing gear. I fly off grass fields The gear seem sturdy and worked very well on the maiden and subsequent flights that day. However, the pivot points are plastic and the main support wire is rather thin. Time will tell how well the gear will hold up.

The price of the kit is high considering it does not include a receiver. Inexpensive but reliable receivers like the Lemon I used are available though.

As with any other R/C plane I've ever purchased, there are both good and bad aspect to the Flite Test Freedom Fox. I think Josh and the guys at Flite Test did a good job overall. It's not perfect, but I'm glad I bought it. It's certainly an impressive looking plane!


Impressive appearance

Flies well

Uses the ubiquitous 3S 2200 battery

Large Battery hatch

Interchangeable wing tips


Expensive for Plug-N-Play

Inconsistent paint finish

Plastic landing gear

Packaging needs revision to avoid damage
Wednesday, Aug 26 2020 (4 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
C'mon Man.. Hey Josh!!Couldn't be more disappointed!!. Preordered and waited..Got it today! The back half painted blue is faded and spotty. A different color than the wings. The whole Empennage of the plane is twisted.. Rudder is not aligned,twisted from fuselage and elevator is warped or twisted with it. Nowhere close to matching main wing in square. No way this will fly anywhere near expectations if at all. The black paint on top fuselage in front and behind wing was chipped off on arrival and got worse with one wing test fit.The wheels are extremely soft spongy and warped. Looks ridiculous if you spin them. I thought my box had been damaged in shipping but realized the packing inside was just amateurish. So now i will have hours of dealing with a customer service center that has explained to me they are stuck in the middle of different companies. I waited 24 hours for a actual flite test employee to address DOA Widgeon motors. I expect this was a $300.00 mistake

UPDATE; AMAIN Hobby customer service was very responsive and helpful. I chose not to own this plane.
I can save a lot people some time...530-894-0797 is the number to who you actually bought this from. Its not Flite test.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 27 2020 (4 weeks ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
Super excited to get this airplane. The box came pretty chewed up and damaged.
The tail beacon was smashed to the side and some minor paint and foam damage on the rudder from shipping.
Packaging was also missing screws for the spinner.
I was able to get the plane together in less than an hour and have it air born. Flys very nice but will take a little while to figure out landings. You definitely have to keep the power in right up to touchdown. Looking forward to trying some aerobatics with it soon.
Tuesday, Sep 22 2020 (today)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
I just purchased the freedom Fox without doing any reviews because the plane looks so beautiful after putting all together by the book CG by the book took off barely left the ground plane was uncontrollable teeter-totted to the left to the right to the left to the right and then crashed into the ground I do not recommend this airplane to anyone until they take care of all the issues they have made an awesome video of this airplane and promoted it very well but unfortunately it is not a good airplane until they take care of the issues when they take care of the issues it will probably be an awesome airplane please flight test please take care of these issues and please take care of the customers that have had issues with these airplanes
Verified Owner
Monday, Sep 21 2020 (yesterday)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
Beautiful airplane. Well constructed and flys well. I will be putting in a bigger motor and battery for a little better performance.
Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 18 2020 (4 days ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
Very pleased with it!
A real bush plane as expected!

I received the plane a few days ago in the UK, it was a bit upside down in the box due to international shipping but nothing to worry about.
I noticed minor scratches and the black paint tends to chip off slightly. But really, this is a very minor cosmetic issue. The rest of the plane looks great!
Flying conditions on the first day were windy but it still flew very well. I love slow speed and touch and go and the plane behaved very well with this.
I don't have tons of experience so I flew with the Spektrum AR637T receiver which has a gyro stabiliser and it was perfect.
Don't pay too much attention to the negative reviews. This is a very fun plane and I definitely recommend it.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 17 2020 (5 days ago)
Flite Test Freedom Fox PNP (1100 mm/1250 mm)
The boys at Flite test have nailed this one!!!
One of the cleanest most convenient builds I've ever had the pleasure of doing!
The Trent Palmer Freedom Fox is amazing in the air and has very predictable flight charecteristics and great overall stability!
I'd love to have a second! One for flying and one for static display in my house!!! Great job everyone at flite test!!!!!!

Keep up the amazing work!!